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Buryatia Supreme Court considers defining Official Religions

Imperator Azenquor

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BCNA: Controversial ban on religions to be considered

“In a move guaranteed to be controversial the Vaulian Orthodox Church in Buryatia has filed a petition with the Supreme People’s Court of Buryatia requesting that the Court and the government ‘immediately clarify that Vaulian Orthodoxy is the sole official Christian religion in the United Kingdom of Buryatia’ and to ‘clarify the position of the Roman Catholic Church in Buryatia as being an unofficial religious organization’.

According to a census conducted four years ago, although the majority of Christians in Buryatia belong to the Vaulian Orthodox Church, there is a significant group of Roman Catholics who recognize Pope John III as the leader of the Church. Government restrictions had previously barred the Roman Catholic Church from officially opening ties with the Church of Pope John III stating that doing so might be in violation of some Constitutional Articles.

The de facto leader of the Roman Catholic Church in Buryatia, Cardinal Mikhail Trubachev has condemned the leadership of the Vaulian Orthodox Church saying that the decision to file a petition regarding the matter was ‘the direct result of an archaic belief that the Vaulian Orthodox Church should be the only path to God for Christians in Buryatia’. Cardinal Trubachev went on to suggest that the entire situation could ‘have been settled by an interfaith meeting between our two churches’ and that ‘it is possible for both of our groups to coexist peacefully with each other as equals’.

In a public letter, Cardinal Trubachev has asked for the support of Pope John III and the Church as he prepares to ‘defend freedom of religion in the nation’. The Cardinal’s response was greeted with approval from several of the Bishops across the nation.

The Supreme People’s Court of Buryatia has acknowledged receiving the petition and has set the date for the initial hearing to three days from now.”-Reporter

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"Zargathia respects the decision of the Buryatian government regardless of what it would be in this matter. However, we feel the need to ask what the Vaulian Orthodox Church would suggest to do with the followers of other branches of Catholicism currently still residing in Buryatia, the ones that do not want to convert in particular. How would they have the government enforce this, should this request be granted to them?"

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