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Immortals - SoL PIAT

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Joint TI - SoL Announcement



Both the leadership of The Soldiers of Liberty and The Immortals agree to the terms below and that they are sovereign alliances and neither will take action against the other to compromise their sovereignty.


Neither signatory will declare war on the other, aid enemies of the other, and commit espionage against the other or any other action that can be considered aggression to the other signatory. If reparations become an issue, both signatories agree to work out proper reps.


Both parties agree that if they are made aware of information that directly affects the security of the other signatory, they shall share said information in order to promote their common security.


Both parties agree to consider all monetary and other aid requests from the other signatory.


This Friendship Pact shall remain in effect until further notice. Either party may cancel this agreement, for any reason. Notice of cancellation shall be delivered in person, Upon cancellation, its provisions relating to Peace, Intelligence and Aid shall remain in effect for a period of seventy-two (72) hours.


The Immortals:

Sarmatian Empire, Emperor

Wappas, Chief Officier

Master Conservative, Commandant

Soldiers of Liberty:

Patriot, General of SoL

DirtDiver, Commander of Foreign Affairs

Lady Relkasaar, Deputy Commander of Foreign Affairs

As per Immortal tradition, I give you cake!


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Wheres the treaty name to go with the Cake?

The maharaja treaty?

Come on DD i expect better!

Nice to see two Alliance i like getting it on down.....

Trust lady relk and Agent to be involved in that......

to answer ur question we're calling it the Mahabarta-PIAT XD (someone spell check mahabarta for me i think i spelled it wrong)

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