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Imperial Kingdom News

King Kevz

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OOC: Everyone has one it seems I want one too. Also Yuthura hope you don't mind me using your headlines idea as I think its a great idea to use.



Queen denounces Arkvoodle religion.

20 Citizens sentanced to life hard labour for treason.

Enforcer Corp idea brought before the Queen.

Imperial Legion dispatched to Empire of Krieg and Antartica.

Main news:

"Good evening this is Jainia Har for the Imperial Kingdom News (IKN). Our main story today is on the recent idea brought before the Queen on rethinking the nation's police force. As we all know youth crime has continued to rise even with the use of CCTV cameras and increased police patrols and thus a group of young and loyal police cadets have brought forward the proposal of the Enforce Corp. We don't know many facts but what we do know is that it would be made up of 100% loyal officers to the Queen and would follow harsher methods of operation than the current police. Considering it is almost cetrtain to bring down crime and if our Queen supports it then IKN is completly behind the idea and that is all we have time for tonight. See me again at 10:00am tomorrow".

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Reply to Foreign Nation.

"The Imperial Legion is in Antartica as they are establishing an expansion of the Imperial Kingdom. Currently our population is constrained to one island and whilst it is not causing any problems if our nation was hit by one or two nuclear weapons it would kill everyone and so we are establishing a secondary living zone in case of such an occurance".


Imperial Legion to remain in Krieg.

Construction equipment to be sent to the forces in Antartica.

Enforcer Corp approved.

Religion banned through out the Imperial Kingdom.

Main News:

"Good evening this is Jainia Har for the Imperial Kingdom News (IKN). After hearing recent comments from other nations and seeing the chaos that the Catholic Church has caused Queen Anne Smith has banned religion through out the entire Imperial Kingdom. Any religious items are to be turned in and destroyed and all religious supporters have three days to either give up their religion or to leave the nation. Any supporters caught practising after those three days will be tried for treason. See me again at 10:00pm".

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A new digitalised image of what the Echelon Enforcer Corp will be wearing and wielding has been released to us. Information avaliable to us reveals that the SEGA weapons and technology company are providing the equipment for the force which will be known as the Stormrise Brigade. Once more cadets sign up the size of the Stormrise Brigade will grow and allow more Brigades to form.


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As the world knows, Promised Land is a bastion of freedom--political views, religions convictions, all are accepted equally.

If any in Tasmania wish it, they are free to immigrate. In cases where the person in question cannot pay for passage, we will do so ourselves.

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