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Looking for veterans- the huns

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Hello, I am genghis khan II , and am in charge of The Huns Alliance.

We are newly formed, but have many many friends already.

Now many alliances post on here to recruit anyone, i am recruiting veterans

I am looking for anyone who fills in any of these spots below:

- has a nation over 100 days

- has a nation over 20,000 NS

- has a nation that has been in a government position

- has a nation that has any type of forum/irc knowledge

you only have to cover one of these requirements not all, so veterans, please join we would love it if u did.

We offer government positions and could offer you a simple and relaxing stay.

So join The Huns

If you need to contact one of us please go to

forums- www.thehunsalliance.forums-free.com

IRC channel: #thehuns

Or PM Genghis Khan II in-game

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