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The Kahana Grand University is completed

Jack Grist

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The long awaited Great University called Kahana Grand, has been completed and will be open as of this afternoon when Edgar Hilo, a Jackosian professor, and the Prime Minister Alakan Yung announce the opening of the Kahana Grand, which they will cut the red ribbon.

Around 200 students will be entered into the Kahana Grand in September for a range of different courses, while a few prospects will start theirs today as a "trial for the University". The President has called for a meet with other world leaders at the newly built University, where tours will be given under high security, and said "This will be a great promotion for the Kahana Grand and would be a good diplomatic venue for such discussions".

Over 10,000 of Jackosian Citizens are expected to be at the grand opening, and will be monitored by high security and fines for those who litter near the wonderful landscape in the Kahana valley state park. Parking maybe an issue and heavy traffic is expected and the main island of Jackosia maybe under heavy transport problems.

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