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Treaty of Lehon

Yuthura Ban

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Joint statement by Rakata and the Republic of Normandy

Leaders of both Rakata and the Republic of Normandy met today in Lehon, the primary port city of the Imperium. On the agenda were talks of friendship, mutual cooperation on free trade and tariffs. They both agreed to sign the following document, and work together in the maintenance of peace:

The Treaty of Lehon

This document is signed in a spirit of mutual friendship and cooperation. It affirms the willingness to contribute to a continued growth of good relations between both nations.

Article I:

Both the Rakatan Imperium and the Republic of Normandy agree to solve any disputes via dialogue, and not resort to any form of aggressive conflict.

Article II:

Both nations agree to loosen tariffs between them and agree to promote free trade, whenever and wherever possible.

Article II:

If any signatory of this treaty deems it prudent to cancel their signature, 24 hours notice must be given.

Signed For The Rakatan Imperium

President Yuthura Ban

Prime Minister Marius Galek

Foreign Minister Jonas Falange

Signed for the Republic of Normandy

Presidenten Elrich von Richt

Krigsminister Alexander Stavros

Finansminister Stigandr Fenrisulfr

Edited by Yuthura Ban
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