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IS Public Service Announcement

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The Internet Superheroes have decided that we weren't living up to our Superhero moniker so we have decided to give free advice to all the new alliances forming. Lesson number one will be: Do Not Give High Level Government Positions to People You Do Not Know. Now this is something that I thought would be common sense. But today I find out that it is clearly not the case. Today, I was offered to take over the Coalition of Armed Nations Foreign Affairs office. I was also told that I would have equal power as the rest of the government members.


Session Start: Tue Aug 18 23:57:43 2009

Session Ident: KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]

[23:57] Session Ident: KingemO93[CAN|Emperor] (Coldfront, Extraduty[PWN])

[23:57] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> How big will PWN be?

[23:57] <Extraduty[PWN]> we have 10 to start

[23:58] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> NS wise

[23:58] <Extraduty[PWN]> oh, idk not very big

[23:58] <Extraduty[PWN]> most will be new nations

[23:58] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> ah

[23:59] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> Will i'll tell u what

[23:59] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> I know alot o people

[23:59] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> And i might be able to hook u up

[23:59] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> With a protectorate

[23:59] <Extraduty[PWN]> with?

[23:59] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> ^^^

[23:59] <Extraduty[PWN]> by CAN?

[23:59] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> No

Session Time: Wed Aug 19 00:00:00 2009

[00:00] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> I know alot of people

[00:00] <Extraduty[PWN]> oh

[00:00] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> Some hate me

[00:00] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> But Alot love me

[00:00] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> And im sure i could get you one

[00:00] <Extraduty[PWN]> do you have any suggestions?

[00:00] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> Depends on you color though

[00:00] <Extraduty[PWN]> was thinking brown

[00:01] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> What color are you?

[00:01] <Extraduty[PWN]> I like the cleveland browns

[00:01] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> lol

[00:01] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> I can tell you that there is a yellow unity treaty being made

[00:01] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> And if ur yellow

[00:01] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> I'll get you in

[00:02] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> It will help with trades

[00:02] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> And TechDeals

[00:02] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> And making new friends

[00:02] <Extraduty[PWN]> wow that would be cool

[00:02] <Extraduty[PWN]> who is going to be in the treaty?

[00:02] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> Not sure yet

[00:02] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> I think

[00:02] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> RDD, GRAN, CAN, TGH, BTO, and a few more

[00:03] <Extraduty[PWN]> no FAN?

[00:03] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> Just let me know & i might get you to be family

[00:03] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> FAN is still debating

[00:04] <Extraduty[PWN]> I will keep that in mind

[00:04] <Extraduty[PWN]> it will be a while though

[00:04] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> till?

[00:04] <Extraduty[PWN]> till we form

[00:04] <Extraduty[PWN]> waiting for school to start

[00:04] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> ah

[00:04] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> Are u in a alliance now?

[00:06] <Extraduty[PWN]> I have been ghosting various pink alliances

[00:06] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> lmao

[00:06] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> U could get killed doing that

[00:06] <Extraduty[PWN]> I used to be in TCB

[00:06] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> Tell you what

[00:06] <Extraduty[PWN]> so I've been pink team

[00:06] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> U can use CAN AA till u get ready

[00:07] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> To make yours

[00:07] <Extraduty[PWN]> really?

[00:07] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> Why not

[00:07] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> nation link?

[00:07] <Extraduty[PWN]> http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=226744

[00:08] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> HOLY FFFF

[00:08] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> Ur big

[00:08] <Extraduty[PWN]> I've been playing for a while, never really been active though

[00:08] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> Make ur AA

[00:09] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> Coalition of Armed Nations

[00:12] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> I had i nice offer for you

[00:12] <Extraduty[PWN]> ?

[00:12] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> Can i say it?

[00:13] <Extraduty[PWN]> sure

[00:13] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> ok

[00:14] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> I know u want to make ur own alliance but to be honest its hard! I have a Government spot open (Bishop of FA) if u can show ANY sign of intelligence u can have it (If u want) and when ur members join & we grow a bit more. I'll add more spots and they can get them

[00:15] <Extraduty[PWN]> wow

[00:16] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> I know right

[00:16] <Extraduty[PWN]> what would be my job?

[00:16] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> I side swipe people

[00:16] <Extraduty[PWN]> what would I be responsible for?

[00:16] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> Doing FA stuff (Makeing embassies, friends, getting new treaties)

[00:16] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> U can acttualy

[00:16] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> Get others to make embassies

[00:17] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> And u just make friends & be cool

[00:17] <Extraduty[PWN]> wow

[00:17] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> Yep

[00:17] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> All u got to do is be cool

[00:17] <Extraduty[PWN]> would I make decesions?

[00:18] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> Yes

[00:18] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> U will be a main decision maker

[00:18] <Extraduty[PWN]> in like FA stuff?

[00:18] <Extraduty[PWN]> treaties and things like that?

[00:19] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> And u will have some voice over IA stuff

[00:19] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> Yes

[00:20] <Extraduty[PWN]> hmmm

[00:20] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> abd

[00:20] <Extraduty[PWN]> I was really looking forward to running an alliance

[00:20] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> *and

[00:20] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> U get SOPs in #CAN

[00:20] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> I would like to add

[00:20] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> That all Government have equal powers

[00:20] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> Only

[00:20] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> I over watch you guys

[00:21] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> And lord sir does the same

[00:21] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> But for something big

[00:21] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> I need EVERY Governements approval

[00:21] <Extraduty[PWN]> you lost me there

[00:21] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> We all have equal power

[00:21] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> For the basics

[00:23] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> U will basicaly be running it

[00:23] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> all FA will be urs

[00:24] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> We have a VERY easy & VERY effective academy

[00:24] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> Its easy

[00:24] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> But the learn alot!

Session Close: Wed Aug 19 00:26:33 2009

Let this be a lesson and a follow up to Tron Paul's guide to new alliances (and existing lolalliances)


Edited by extraduty
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[00:24] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> We have a VERY easy & VERY effective academy

[00:24] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> Its easy

[00:24] <KingemO93[CAN|Emperor]> But the learn alot!

The IS academy will make you learn, very quickly.

Hope you learned your lesson CAN.

Also, Can I be the minister of economics? I like doing things in finance.

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I didn't see any punchline, if i were in IS, I would of taken him up on his proposal and performed a coup on him 3 days later or signed an everlasting MADP with GDI.

IS, not trying very hard.

Havent you heard? Ryan disbanded GDI and has started a new AA, which he says will be GDI 2.0 :popcorn:

So yeah, take the FA job and sign a eternal MADP with GDI 2.0..what could go wrong?

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