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Grøenlandian Naval Guard


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Minister of War David Hightower took the podium and began,

"Today the Federal Republic of Grøenlandia is proud to announce the christening of four naval vessels into the newly creating Grøenlandian Naval Guard (GNG), a newly created branch in the Ministry of War. Grand Admiral Eggert G. Thorsteinsson has been selected to lead the GNG."

Grand Admiral Eggert G. Thorsteinsson walked beside Minister Hightower and raised his hand to the cheering crowd,

"Thank you, once again it is a glorious day for our nation to finally have a naval force. Shipyards and docks were recently constructed in Höfuðborgarsvæðinukrokurfjordur and Atyrau, and naval bases are currently being constructed in Arkhangelsk, Monaco, Atyrau, Holsteinsborg, and Danmarkshavn. We unveil four new vessels for our navy today, with many more being worked on as we speak. Here are some details:

Victory Class Frigates

[FR6] FGV Aurora

[FR7] FGV Kalaallisut

[FR8] FGV Republica


FGV Republica (identifiable by the 8 on its side) on its maiden voyage.

Fönix Class Cruiser

[CR183] FGV Úlfur


Úlfur running through final trials

Official Flag of the Grøenlandian Naval Guard


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