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Buryatia passes controversial Constitutional reforms

Imperator Azenquor

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BCNA: Controversial Constitutional reforms passed

“The governing joint Military-Civilian Committee today approved several Constitutional Amendments ahead of the restoration of the Buryatian Constitution. The Amendments are to be enacted without the approval of the Parliament and with the advice of the Supreme People’s Court. The reforms include changes to the Charter of the Powers of the President as well as legal acts to grant the current administration full immunity from prosecution for any act that occurred since the removal of former President Zhukovsky. The reforms come ahead of the proposed restoration of Constitutional normality, scheduled for tomorrow.

The Articles proposed also create a Constitutional clause that can permit the military to overthrow the Executive and Legislative branches of government. Human rights advocates have claimed that this sets an extremely dangerous precedent in which the military holds the power to legally overthrow the democratically elected government of the country. Advocates also state that the deliberate vagueness surrounding when this Article may be used is absolutely alarming.

The final Article proposed grants a blanket immunity to the junta and all government officials who served under the junta from being prosecuted by any court in Buryatia. This Article also contains a provision that would prevent the law from being reviewed or modified by the Judiciary or Parliament at any time in the future.”-Reporter

Constitutional Amendments:

Amendment to Article 13: The President

The President of the United Kingdom of Buryatia shall be the Chief Representative of the people of the United Kingdom of Buryatia. The President shall be elected by the People of the United Kingdom of Buryatia to serve a two year term in office. The President shall, with the assent of the Monarch, appoint the Ministers of Government and oversee the Ministries and Departments of government. The President must approve laws passed by the Legislature before they are enacted. The President may be impeached by a 2/3 vote in the People’s National Legislative Council and the approval of the Supreme People’s Court. The President may not serve for more than two consecutive terms.

Creation of Article 301: The Military Intervention Clause

In the interest of preserving national unity and security, the military of the United Kingdom of Buryatia reserves the right to, with the support of the Monarchy, remove the President from office and to dissolve the People’s Khural if there is a situation in which the aforementioned offices have been undermined and have become a risk to the national security and social harmony of the United Kingdom of Buryatia.

Creation of Entrenched Article 302: Government Immunity Clause

Individuals who were members of the Special Military Committee for the Restoration of Order and Constitutional Normalcy in the United Kingdom of Buryatia and Her Dependencies and Protectorates (S.M.C.R.O.C.N.U.K.B.H.D.P.) who served in the post Zhukovsky government shall hold full and total immunity from prosecution regarding any actions which took place during their tenure. This article may not be removed or rescinded without the approval of 2/3 of the Parliament, the President, the Supreme Court and the Military High Command. The Constitutionality of this article may not be questioned or ruled upon by any current or future Court.

"Regardless of public opinion on the amendments, they will be enacted tomorrow morning just before the government formally restores the nation to Constitutional normality and lifts the state of martial law. Once the Constitution of Buryatia is restored, the government will begin final preparations to hold democratic elections for the Presidency and the Parliament next week. The elections are guaranteed to be extremely competitive as all of the political parties are already entering campaign mode. While the Pan Asia Party (PAP) will not be able to contest the election due to their ban from all political activity, a new party called the Party of Labor (PoL) has emerged as a significant player on the political scene. The party's manifesto declares their ideology to be "21st Century Socialism with Buryatian Characteristics" and has already published a list of improvements to infrastructure, as well as a draft budget that they would enact if voted into office. The PoL has put forward candidates to run in all of the 750 legislative elections, however the party's candidate for the Presidency has not yet been selected.

We will be sending our reporters to cover campaign events for all of the major political parties in the leadup to the Presidential and Legislative Elections."-Reporter

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