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DoE of The Huns Alliance

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Offical DoE of The Huns Alliance


Preamble: We The Huns Alliance formally announce our existence in the game of cybernations. In this declaration includes our Grand Charter, all our current filled and empty government positions, our allies, and more basic information.



All those of The Hun Empire shall follow these sets of rules set in stone and wrapped in goat fur. Those who disobey this charter will be slain by The Great Khan himself.

Rule 1 Admission- Any nation wishing to join The Hun Empire must apply formally in The Huns forums. If they would lie on their application, they would be kicked from the alliance and most likely be attacked by Hun Warrior Nations for their lie. That decission is only allowed to be made by The Hun Khan. You must also not be in another alliance while you are in our alliance.

Rule 2 Code of The Huns-

A. No nation can attack a fellow nation of The Huns

B. All Hun Nations must respect the government of The Huns

C. Any Hun Nation disobeying these rules will be kicked from the alliance and be attacked upon by his fellow Huns. Only if the Great Khan orders it to be.

D. All Hun Nations must obey The Hun Warriors.

E. All Hun Nations must address The Great Khan as Great Khan "his name here"

Rule 3 The Hun Warriors-

The Hun Warriors are the leading nations of the alliance. They are the entire governing group. Leading the Warriors is The Great Khan. He has absolute power, he must never give up power in the alliance only if he wants to. The Great Khan can be made to give up his throne only by a vote by every Hun Warrior.

Rule 4 The Court- The Hun Court consists of three judges. They are called into action when an issue can not be resolved because The Hun Warriors are split two ways. They will be elected every 3 months and can be kicked from the roll by a vote of 5 Hun Warriors.

Rule 5 The Hun Empire Nations- This Group consists of all the other members of The Hun Empire. They are grunts, in this group there are ranks consisting of commoner, servant, captain, major, and Hun Fighters. Hun fighters are the highest member, they would fill in a Hun Warrior job if they would need to.

Rule 6 Nukes and Wars-

A. The Huns allow nations to buy and use nuclear weapons

B. The Huns do not force members to do or do not buy nuclear weapons

C. Nuclear weapons are only allowed to be used as a defencive weapon

D. Nations are not allowed to be the aggressor in a war, only if one of The Hun Warriors allow it.

Final Words: ALL Hun Members of the Hun Empire must follow this charter. If they do not, they will be given 2 warnings. The third time they will be expelled from the alliance. If they do not leave or make a fuss of it, they will be attacked by the ENTIRE Huns Alliance. If they continue not to get rid of their AA as "The Huns" they will then be Zero Infrastructured and have their war slots filled up. So don't screw up. LONG LIVE THE HUNS ALLIANCE

Created by The Great Khan of The Huns Alliance

Genghis Khan II

Current Government Positions:

The Great Khan: Genghis Khan II

Govenors: Luther 2nd & Private Ryan

High banker: empty

High general: empty

Recruitment officer: empty

Court judge 1-3: empty

Basic Information:

IRC channel: #thehuns

Forums: www.thehunsalliance.forums-free.com


Our Beliefs are to grow peacefully and quickly.

We respect all alliances and try to be friends with all

Our motto is " All For One and One For All"

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Asriel walks up slowly to Ghengis Khan II and shakes his hand.

Welcome to the world of alliances Ghengis Khan, and to the rest of the great Huns who have joined you.

This world is a dangerous one, which I hope does not find you too stressed. When the going gets tough, be a good Hun and scare it away, and don't give up on anything.

Congratulations on your achievement (successfully existing and making it this far) and here's to many more days of the Huns on Planet Bob.

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I find it hilarious that someone named Genghis Khan is making a Huns alliance, because well, Genghis was the ruler of the Mongols, not the Huns.

That, and well, shouldn't you want to be destroying everything instead of being friendly?

Seriously.. good luck, I guess.

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we are peaceful for now, right now we are little kittens, but when we grow to be fierce tigers, we will strike all our enemies down

I am disappoint.

On a side note, most alliances don't make it up to "fierce tiger" level before disbandment. Unless you act like a tiger, you won't be one.

Edited by Rey the Great
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Which won't be any, because you'll be gone from boredom if you don't try to have fun.

don't worry i am having loads of fun....but sadly along with this DoE there may be a resignation......my good friend luther 2nd, told me over phone, that he is probably going to quit CN at begining of school year which is septmember 1st..... :(

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don't worry i am having loads of fun....but sadly along with this DoE there may be a resignation......my good friend luther 2nd, told me over phone, that he is probably going to quit CN at begining of school year which is septmember 1st..... :(

My god! This is surely a tragedy. I hope you are able to cope well :D

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