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The Imperial-Norman Axis

Elrich von Richt

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The Imperial-Norman Axis


The Transcontinental Holy Imperium of Man and the Republic of Normandy come together in a true gesture of friendship, and hereby sign this mutual defensive and optional aggression pact. We view that our two nations are inevitably similar, and have decided to further our friendship to a level beyond contemplation


The undersigned agree to never engage in hostile acts towards one another, and overall remain at a neutral or friendly stance towards each other.


The undersigned agree to share any information that they receive that may be of potential interest to the other.


If one of the undersigned is attacked by a hostile force, the other is obligated to aid the attacked in any way possible, whether it be militarily or financially.


The undersigned here recognize that sometimes aggressive actions are in joint interest. As such, both nations below excercise the right through free will, to become involved in one another's disputes or aggressive action/wars.


The undersigned agree to remove tariffs and potentially harmful and/or unfriendly trade restrictions on one another.


If this treaty needs to be cancelled, the canceller must inform the other signatory of this 48 hours beforehand. (4 IRL)

Signed for the Transcontinental Holy Imperium of Man,

Kevin Holihan, Imperator

Signed for the Republic of Normandy:




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"We congratulate our beloved ally, the Holy Imperium, and the Republic of Normandy on this. We give you our word, should the Republic of Normandy get attacked or similiarly, the aggressors shall have to contend with New England. The same shall go for the Holy Imperium and all of our allies."

OOC: <3

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The Malvinian Government extends its hands in congratulations for this Alliance and act of compassion and comraidery (damn dyslexia ooc)

Premier Barney wishes to extend a show of friendship by sending the finest Malvinian Cigars, hand rolled on the thigh of virgins.

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