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Peaceful Mobilisiation of Forces

king cjc

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"We highly recommend the Serbian Empire withdraw for the time being. If they decide not to, then we warn them not to raise arms against the Commonwealth forces in the region."

"I strongly suspect that their peaceful movement will result in no first strike from Serbian forces. However, should they do so (although I strongly doubt this will be the case), we will not be willing to support them. If the Commonwealth however chooses to attack the Serbian forces, we will fully support our ally."

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"We highly recommend the Serbian Empire withdraw for the time being. If they decide not to, then we warn them not to raise arms against the Commonwealth forces in the region."

"Shouldn't it be the Commonwealth who should be the withdrawing force. Hungary is sovereign territory of Serbia, not the Commonwealth."

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"Shouldn't it be the Commonwealth who should be the withdrawing force. Hungary is sovereign territory of Serbia, not the Commonwealth."

"The Commonwealth has already established positions and asserted control over the region. It is arguable that it is now the sovereign territory of the Commonwealth."

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"We recognize the invasion of Commonwealth territory. We hereby activate the Eurasion Union treaty to help defend the territory of the Commonwealth."

**In a Drakorian Camp on the Serbian border**


"What is it, sergeant?"

"Missive from the Commonwealth. Operation Balkan Storm is to commence."

"At last! Mobilize the troops! Serbia shall realize that kittens should not mingle in the affairs of tigers!"


50,000 of the troops defending the border were drawn from their positions, equipped, and organized for an advance on the Serbian fortifications. 50 Leopard 2E tanks would be amongst the leading force.

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Official Federal Republic of Grøenlandia Declaration of War


Polish-Czechoslovakian Commonwealth territory has been invaded by the Kingdom of Serbia. Due to the activation of the Eurasian Union Mutual Defense Article and our ties with the Polish-Czechoslovakian Commonwealth through the Polish-Czechoslovakian Commonwealth-Federal Republic of Grøenlandia MDP, the Federal Republic hereby declares a state of war exists between itself and the Kingdom of Serbia.

We will defend our allies until every foreign invader has removed itself from Polish-Czechoslovakian Commonwealth land holdings and we will not rest until these invaders meet justice. May God have mercy on your souls, for we shall have none.

** Classified **

The remaining 150,000 Reserve Forces are being mobilized and the FRG has entered DefCon 1.

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"Seeing as how the sovereignty of an ally has been violated and in cooperation with Article III of the Eurasion Union Pact, we recognize that a state of war now exist between Serbia and the Republic of Dalmatia." - Prime Minister Lothar Lanz


With the recognition of hostilities between Dalmatia and Serbia, the Dalmatia Ministry of Defense ordered the immediate deployment of troops to the Serbian borders. The forces being deployed to the Serbian Border include the 1st Armored Division, 2nd Armored Division, 1st Cavalry Division, 1st Infantry Division and the 2nd Infantry Division.

The Dalmatia Airforce is also on alert and Su-35BMs and Su-34 Ground Attack Aircraft are being prepared.

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Drakoria Rides to War!


Recognizing that the Serbian Empire has committed an act of war upon the Polish-Czechoslovakian Commonwealth, the Kingdom of Drakoria hereby declares war upon the Serbian Empire per the Treaty of Tbilisi, our MDoAP with the Commonwealth, and the Eurasian Union.

OOC: I won't attack until Serbia describes his defenses along the border. I'm not going to blindly rush and godmode his defenses.

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The King immediately raises the DEFCON to level 1 and orders the defensive plan to be put in to action.

The border was manned with machine guns, mortar pits and artillery to be stationed in both defensive and hidden areas to defend and hit targets around the border and snipers hiding around the forests.

Mine layers quickly fill the main roads across the land, hoping to be done before the enemy approach, while builders are quickly digging traps across the terrain around the borders.

The Serbian people rush to man the radar stations from past conflicts in anticipation for the attacks and to warn others of bombers incoming.

Around the major cities of the like of Belgrade and Podgorica, the anti-aircraft guns are activated and the garrisons doubled, while recruitment for the army is increased and snipers are placed all around their buildings and streets.

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Advancing Army Contains...

30,000 Royal Army

20,000 Royal Marines

150 tanks

2,000 armored vehicles

1,500 artillery

The columns move forward. 1500 artillery pieces, hooked to the backs of armored cars, are brought to the front of the column and sent ahead with a guard of 1,000 soldiers, plus crew.

At 23 miles to the fortified Serbian line, the S37 Pions opened fire on the line. The rest of the artillery, a mix of Giatsint-Bs and D-30s, moved until they reached effective range, 17 miles and 10 miles respectively. An artillery bombardment of the Serbian fortifications began as the rest of the forces marched to catch up.

**Private to Dalmatia**

We request permission to transfer our Royal Air Force squadrons from Prague to any city specified in Dalmatia for use.

OOC: How many machine guns, mortars, and artillery are there, CJT?

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Imperial Recognition of Defensive War

The Kingdom of Serbia has attempted to move soldiers into ground which is considered sovereign territory of the Commonwealth by the Commonwealth. Two weeks ago, the Commonwealth moved 100,000 soldiers into the Hungarian region in order to secure it for the Commonwealth. The land has been contested since then, however it was widely known that the Commonwealth had moved soldiers into the land and considered it to be sovereign territory of the Commonwealth. It was no secret that this would be considered an invasion of Commonwealth territory by Serbia.

Because of this violation of our territory, the Commonwealth does hereby officially recognize a state of war with the Kingdom of Serbia, and shall take measures to defend herself as necessary. We shall ensure that Serbia stays out of sovereign Commonwealth territory in the future, and does recognize Hungary as our territory.

Our demands to Serbia are light and simple:

I. Recognize the territory of Hungary as well as all other claims by the Commonwealth as sovereign territory of the Commonwealth

II. All Serbian forces must leave the territory of Hungary unless otherwise requested by the Commonwealth to assist in the governing of Hungary.

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OOC: For RP benefit reasons, I will assume that this is the front line:


Operation Guns of Brixton


The Third Army, having just arrived and seeming rather surprised to be told that the Serbians were advancing into Hungary towards them, immediately equipped themselves and prepared for battle. They were divided into two groups already, one in the East and one in the West, with the Drakorian Army Group in the center. They were all to advance at relatively the same speeds, and were not told to cease until given specific orders to stop.

Third Army West will advance more westward, away from the advancing Serbian troops, and into Dalmatian territory. Their goal was to surround the Serbian army and destroy the whole of it while it attempted to attack the outnumbered Drakorians, which were the only ones fighting at the time. Meanwhile, Army Group East did the same, advancing more Eastward for the purpose of surrounding the Serbian Army and destroying it.

Should the Serbian Army attempt to move on the Drakorians, the Third Army will turn towards the distracted Serbians and charged at full throttle. There was no way that the now vastly outnumbered Serbians could possibly defend three fronts, especially with the massive technological advantage possessed by the Commonwealth, and even by Drakoria. They will continue to advance towards the center of the Serbian Army, killing as many as possible, missiles from the mountainous regions of the remainder of the Commonwealth will race towards the Serbian army, aimed at tanks and especially at artillery and anti-air units, as well as at supply lines and trucks that will carry supplies to the front line.

Overhead, the vastly outnumbered Serbian air force will have immense difficulty fighting that of the Commonwealth, and even the only 40 fighter squadrons sent into battle will easily able to overpower the outgunned Serbian Air Force. Meanwhile, several bomber squadrons will on continue to target Serbian supply lines and artillery pieces, attempting to take out the backbone of the Serbian Army before they will be able to gain any sort of foothold in Hungary. While the fighter squadrons were distracted with dogfights, Commonwealth bombers will need to only avoid the remaining Serbian anti-air pieces in the region.

Logistical Headquarters in Budapest Military Headquarters, the main office of operations in Hungary ensured that Commonwealth supply vehicles will carry adequate supplies to her armies on the front lines. Every 10 supply trucks was attached to one SAM unit, which also had the capability of intercepting missiles in addition to shooting down aircraft.

Meanwhile, Commonwealth soldiers will be loaded onto air transports which moved, with fighter escorts, through Dalmatian airspace and over Serbian airspace behind enemy lines. Fourteen transport planes will carry many S.P.E.C.T.R.E. troops that will drop behind enemy lines and begin to move through Serbia as well as take out things of strategic importance near the Hungarian front. a total of 1,000 S.P.E.C.T.R.E. troops will be dropped into Serbian territory, and they will work on dismantle military bases and supply depots near the front lines.

With the massive logistical, technological, strategic, and numerical advantage of the combined forces of Drakoria and the Commonwealth, the Serbian forces will be pushed back very soon.

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Opening Operations: The Air War:

With the opening of hostilities, the first combat operations began. The Dalmatia Airforce had assembled four squadrons of the Su-34 Fullback Long range fighter-bombers. More could have been mobilized, obviously, but due to the suddenness of the conflict, the airforce didn't have enough time to shift available units. Most of the units taking part in the operation were already in airforce squadrons assigned to airfields close to Serbia. Within minutes of being given the go ahead, the Su-34 FullBacks launched into the blue skies. Some pilots were excited while others are more nervous than anything. After all, this was the first real test for the Dalmatia Military since it's creation.

With ordered from the Air Force High Command, the task of the Su-34s were to concetrate on border air defenses and any ground defenses the enemy could have assembled. To complete this task, the Su-34s would conduct around the clock sorties with an assortment of high tech munitions. Weapons such as the Jachont air-to-ground missiles, KAB-500L/KR and KAB-1500L guided bombs would give the Su-34s excellent stand-off attack capabilities, which they used to the fullest of their extent. Included in this deadly arsenal of missiles and bombs were also long range air defense suppression missiles. Missiles, which were designed to destroy enemy RADAR systems, leaving the nation of Serbia totally in the dark. Indeed, it would be a colossal task, but the Dalmatia High Command knew it was possible to achieve.

In the skies, ten squadrons of Tu-160 supersonic, variable-geometry heavy bombers were flying. Of course the heavy bombers stayed in formation in Dalmatia Airspace, as to avoid getting shot down by enemy fighters and possible Surface-to-Air Missile Systems. Five Squadrons were equipped with 6 × modified Air Suppression Raduga Kh-55 cruise missiles, which had the goal of taking out enemy communication and air RADAR/DEFENSES, and the other five were equipped with the regular KH-55s, which were targeted towards important fuel dumps, roads and bridges. Upon unloading their missiles, the bombers would simply turn around and re-stock, continuing the same process until High Command felt the need for it to end. Needless to say, the Serbians would be shocked and totally disabled when the air carnage ended.

**Secure Transmission to Drakoria**

Permission to use Air Bases inside of Dalmatia Granted.

Ground Operations:

Ground Operations from the Army was light to say the least. The main cause was that many of the countries divisions were fortifying the northern border against the hostile Bavaria. Remnants of the 1st Armored Division, 2nd Armored Division, 1st Cavalry Division, 1st Infantry Division and the 2nd Infantry Division had arrived, but they wouldn't be ready to begin operations until another twelve hours. However, that didn't stop the Artillery barrages from opening up along the Serbian Border.

Artillery was mostly concetrated on strategic areas where possible defenses would be laid. This light fire would continue until the main offensive could begin in 12 hours.

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OOC: I will leave this short, as I am in the middle of something else.

You can't RP his defenses. You can't say "We landed these troops in his territory and they began to destroy his crap." You don't know where his troops are, or what his defenses are, he could just shoot your drop ships out of the sky. You have to say they begin flying over the territory, after he responds, then you drop your soldiers in. You can't godmod like that <_<

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