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Disparuean Mission to Anticosti Island


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30,000 feet above the St. Lawrence River

10:30 PM

In the dark cockpit of their AH-64 Apache, the pilot tried to concentrate on his GPS, the little icon used to represent his plane slowly moving towards his destination, Anticosti Island.


It had been a couple of hours since he was assigned the job of flying to the Island, along with personnel from the Disparuean Forces. He departed from Jubilife Airport to Canalave Airport, met with his passengers, then departed for Anticosti Island.

His assistant pilot was half-asleep, while the soldiers were wide awake and alert when he visually saw Anticosti Island's coastline. As soon as they were above the island, he began to look for a decent landing spot. He began to land his Apache when he found one.

As soon as they landed, the first guy who stepped out planted the Disparuean flag into the ground. They took out their military equipment, took some pictures, and contacted the Expeditionary Command Centre in Canalave via a secure channel.

"Good. This should give us a good military position in St. Lawrence. Over and out."

After setting up snipers and their tents, most of them went to sleep, with one person on the lookout and one person scanning the surroundings with a pair of binoculars. Tomorrow, they would start to explore the rest of the Island.


The next day, news of Disparu adding Anticosti Island to their territory was the number one news of the day.

"We have confirmed the reports of Disparu occupying Anticosti Island, located in the delta of the St. Lawrence River."

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We thank New England and Top Gear for their recognition.

We are planning on establishing a few towns and settlements within the island, but most will be used as a wildlife preserve. However, there have been talks of establishing a military base on the island in order to defend Disparu from any incoming enemy ships.

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