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Happy Birthday Announcement


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Today is a proud day for the Guru Order as we have reached the benchmark of 1 year of age! It seems like it was just yesterday but a whole year has gone by since the day of our formation, here is a quick summary of what happened during our first year.

GO was formed on August 19th 2008, by myself Mentor. Previously I had run my own alliance of almost 300 members back in 2007 which went bad, so I decided to start this one totally fresh, so when I formed this alliance I did not contact any of the old allies or members.

I wanted to keep the past in the past, and start a new alliance with a totally new idea and ideology.

Obviously starting off as a 3.000 noob with no allies or members has its drawbacks, so I focused on recruiting to begin with. Within 11 days we got to 22 members (all of which were new members) and got listed in the top 200 alliances.

September we decided to go out looking for a protectorate and potential tech partners to finance our young group of members. We were pretty lucky as FOK basically came knocking on our door, and to this day they are one of our closest allies and business partners with over 50k tech sold to them over the past year. We also got an offer for a protectorate from a sanctioned white alliance, which we rejected as ideally we wanted to find a protector on Aqua. That was a pretty critical move for us back then, because that White alliance ended up getting pounded in the Karma war several months later.

In October we started negotiations with MHA about a protectorate, they proposed to us a Trident led protectorate, which was better than we had ever dreamed about. We ended up getting not one protector but three! That is also how we got to know NATO and FARK better. All 3 alliances were critical for our growth over the past year and helped us on numerous occasions including security, political matters, guides and tech deals. I highly recommend any one of those three as a protector to a new alliance which is just starting out.

Fark in particular played a HUGE role for us economically, together with FOK they are easily the most reliable and stable tech buyers we have, without them our growth would never be possible, and by December 2008 we had hit 100 members.

December till March was pretty stable for us, we focused primarily on our NS growth. During this period we managed to be in the top 5 for growth for a total of 17 straight weeks, more than doubling our NS to over 600k.

In March and April we made a huge push in recruiting, over this period of time we went from a 800k and 170 member alliance to over 1m NS and 300 members.

The only thing we did not predict was the Karma war. Although GO did not take part in the war (the reason we did not take part was due to conflicting protectorate agreements between MHA, Fark and NATO). Due to our recruitment push in the last 2 months, we had 150 noob nations sitting around waiting for tech deals, our average NS back then was 2500, so we lacked the membership to set up regular tech deals. The war went on for way longer than we wanted or expected.

May was really tough on us and we lost almost half of our members with it dropping from 303 to 162 members. Looking back on it now, I am happy this happened as it basically brought forward all the members who were really interested in the long term future of the alliance and not just the quick buck. It also taught us to pace our growth levels better and not over recruit, we made some critical changes in the alliance structure during this period and I think they have all been very important to further expand the alliance.

May was also an interesting month as a minor mutiny was planned by a few teenagers who put their own personal ambitions above those of the alliance. By the end of June all members, apart from one, were ZIed or got deleted. I personally am really proud at how some members showed unity in this little crisis and, when it mattered most, stood together with the alliance leadership and GO principles. One thing is for certain is that May was probably the most important month for us, as it showed that during the tough times we can stick together as an alliance. A lot of strong bonds were made in that month.

By July we were back on our feet, with a batch of totally new talent, a totally new Government, our NS grew from late 800s during the low in May to almost 1.2m this day with member base up to 220 and rising.

I would like to give special thanks to several members, who played their role in helping GO become what it is today. The list is actually pretty large, so I will try to keep it as small as possible.

I would like to thank Volckertia, Vannah, Trevaina, tom1995, Tom Vahara, THE HOLY DICTATOR, St Michael, snoitan, Sir Garion, Scifos, Sachem, Ron Mock, Rockford, Rantlonia, NearX, Max Martello, Long Pong Jong, Keubzeikevr, katskip, Interspace, Immortal Land, High Elves, HF Tech, Haywoodtown, gergzerg23, gaulamos, Gardner, Feministing, drake23, Dovechkin, Cynical, C Community Repub, Bonkers, Bo Burnham, blahsay, ACEREALZ for being model members over the last few months. Thanks for believing in what we are doing and sticking with GO.

Special thanks needs to go to certain members, firstly to The Fortress, crosscountry2, Derailer, Mitchieland , Bumblebee, Lord Bendom , Golden Throne , Federation of States and Jmalaxia for their role in the Government. It is the efforts of these members during various periods of GO's life that allowed us to function as an alliance.

Biggest thanks will probably need to go to 3 members: smokey78, Rockos Republic and Roger Waldie. These members have been spending so much time and effort in making us what we are, without you guys there would never be an alliance. So thank you for the time and effort you invested in this community.

I think what makes GO very different in CN is the fact that we are made up from people based all over the globe, people who never knew each other in this game (or in fact any other). We did not come from some forum, we did not come from some merger and practically everyone in the alliance is home grown talent with no or little experience in other alliances. This was the original plan with GO to begin with, to keep an open attitude and view on the CN scene, without any negative feelings towards any particular alliance.

We have also set up a special forum for whoever likes free cake and beer


Enjoy and have fun!


Mentor GO founder

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GO was formed on August 19th 2008, by myself Mentor. Previously I had run my own alliance of almost 300 members back in 2007 which went bad, so I decided to start this one totally fresh, so when I formed this alliance I did not contact any of the old allies or members.

I wanted to keep the past in the past, and start a new alliance with a totally new idea and ideology.

That's fairly interesting. Mind sharing which alliance it was? :P

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