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The New Leader of a New Aiginor


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"... Do you, Gabriel Bevan, swear to serve the people of Aiginor to the best of your abilities?"

"I do, so help me God." was the responce from now President Gabriel Bevan.


"People of Aiginor. Of Bob. Our great President and leader, Kyle Lucas, died yesterday as the result of a terrorist attack in Queensland. As a result of that, I am now President. My first act as President will be to create Act 145-O, or A145. A145 will give the government agencies, as well as Homeland Defence, the powers they need to hunt down the Order of Reason and the one responcible for killing the President. Specifically, A145 will allow us, us being Homeland Defence, to track suspected terrorists by any means possible until we can capture them. Once captured, they will be throughly interogated, and then imprisoned for life. To acomplish this goal, new facilities are being built all around Aiginor to accomadate the captured terrorists. The largest of these facilities, named the Vittel Facility, or Camp Vittel, will house most of these terrorists. In addition, cameras with face-recognition software will be installed everywhere in Aiginor. These cameras will help track down terrorists and criminals. I assure you, if you are not a terrorist or a criminal, you need not be worried. All of these are just a few of the things in A145 that will provide for a secure Aiginor. Thank You."

*Wild Applause*

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