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Joint conclave of the Dutch Catholic Church and the Old Catholic Church


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In Utrecht bishops and other clergymen like pastors from around the United Netherlands have gathered to hold their first conclave without the presence of "Rome". The question that is on the menu is whether the Dutch Catholic Church and the Jansenic Old Catholic Church should seek unity and re-admission into the Catholic Church in Rome and whether they should, or not, should elect their own cardinal.

The debates are taking place behind closed doors in the Dom Cathedral in Utrecht and the press has not been invited to inform the international community or the general public about the precedings.

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For short the points that are considered valuable include:

*That the Catholic Church of Rome should recognize the morals and teachings of the Jansenic Old Catholic Church as if they were just a specific order within the Catholic Church

*The Church has for some time treated the Netherlands as if it were a mission territory rather then an actual province of the Church- a thing that has deeply offended many Catholics. The lack of Cardinal and the fact that the representative of the Church in the Netherlands is just a mere nuntius really fulled some feathers. The Catholics want to see an actual Cardinal being appointed or elected by the bishops.

*The Catholics and Jansenic Catholics consider Mechelen to be a good seat for a Dutch Cardinal.

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Meanwhile, in another Church nearby, the Pope brought almost the entire College for a private mass dedicated to the hope of reunification of the Roman Catholic Church, the Dutch Catholic Church, and the Jansenic Old Catholic Church. The Pope had edited the form of Mass for this occasion so that the first Liturgy would be very similar to that of the Good Friday Mass. The altar was completely bare, with no cloths, candles nor cross. This Mass started with most of the Cardinals slowly filling all of the aisles of the Church, and the Pope, along with the Cardinal Bishops, slowly made their way up to the Tabernacle. While this was happening, a bass drum was beating once every eight and a half seconds. When the drum beat twice in a row, the entire congregation went prostrate towards the Tabernacle for about five minutes. Then the congregation rose, and the Cardinals took a seat. The Pope then began Mass with an opening prayer, the three Good Friday readings, and the Homily. The Ten Intercessions followed.

Intercession V:

A Cardinal Deacon recited, "Let us pray for all our brothers and sisters who share our faith in Jesus Christ, that God may gather and keep together in one Church all those who seek the truth and sincerity."

All knelt for a minute, and then stood. The Pope followed, "Almighty and Eternal God, you keep together those you have united. Look kindly on all who follow Jesus you Son. We are all consecrated to you by our common baptism. Make us one in the fullness of faith, and keep us one in the fellowhip of love. We ask this through Christ our Lord."

The Congregation responded, "Amen."

The Second part of the Mass arrived when the Pope carried a crucifix down the nave of the Church and recited three times "This is the wood of the Cross," to which the congregation replied, "Come, let us adore it."


The Pope placed the crucifix on the altar, and the congregation came up to kiss it. After this was done, the cross was stood up on the altar, and the altar was given cloths and candles. The Pope then proceeded with Mass the normal way.

It is reported that the Pope and the College will do this every day and every night until a decision in the Dutch Conclave is reached.

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The College celebrated Mass again while the Dutch bishops and cardinals continued to bicker on about whether or not they should join the Roman Catholic Church. They also wished to point out these facts:

The Church is universal.

The Church so far has agreed with the Dutch in most, if not all current issues.

The Church always consults the Bible before making any decisions so as to be able to bring up evidence when questioned.

The Church tries to find the good things in people and in groups instead of the bad qualities, and hopes that the Dutch will do the same when evaluating the Church in the conclave.

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There has been a decision. The Dutch Catholic Church and the Old Catholic Church will rejoin the Mother Church and Mechelen will be the seat of the Cardinal. The election of a Cardinal is currently still being bickered about but the name of Bishop Muskens of Breda, a liberal, has been mentioned a couple of times.

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Catholics around the world rejoiced with the unity of the three Churches. The Pope approached the leaders of the two churches, thanked them, and gave them a hearty welcome. He will, with the permission of the government, arrange that a Ball be held in the Dutch capital in remembrance of the event.

OOC: One down, two to go. Sorry it's really crappy, I don't have much time today :/

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The Dutch Catholic Church will take the opportunity to organize a day of prayer and gratitude. Unfortunately balls are as little a tradition in the Catholic Church in the Netherlands as they are with the Protestants and the Government would not be allowed to organize one because of the separation between Church and State.

But all over the Netherlands church bells are being rang and houses of worship are filled to bursting point.

OOC: No problem. I am busy myself :)

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But does the rumoured Patriarch of the West in Tahoe actually exist? I though the Tahoe pope was a myth?

There is no Tahoan Pope. The leading Archbishop of Tahoe has taken the title Patriarch of the West in reference to his leading role in organizing the Roman Catholic Church in the Americas.

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