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TIO and NpO Announcement of Win

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So nearly a month ago these two cool cats signed a PIAT (Link to said madness) and we were like sweet and they were like dude. But we didn't think that was enough for two cool cat alliances so after a couple of beers and some weird and scary man love we decided to rip up the old one and rewrite it with some cooler parts and sent John Mathews on a beer run and he decided to announce it to the world


The Russians Get Cold Too Accords

Treaty of Polargrad

Article I: Nonaggression

Both signatories will hereafter refrain from any form of hostile activity, hereafter defined as military force, internal subversion or espionage of any kind, against the other.

Article II: Conduct

Signatories of this pact pledge to show only respect and good will towards each other. While this will prohibit outright verbal hostility in all its forms, it will not restrict healthy debate or productive disagreement.

Article III: Assistance

If either signatory requests assistance in the form of military assistance, economic aid, or political intervention, it is strongly encouraged for the other signatory to provide what help it can, though both parties accept that this is not an obligation.

Article IV: Intelligence

Should vital knowledge of a political or military nature come to the attention of one signatory, they are required to share it with the other.

Article V: Cancellation

It is the hope of both signatories that this pact may last forever, or until the bond it represents grows to the point where an upgrade is merited. Given the uncertainties of the future, however, it is recognized that should any of the above Articles be violated, or should some major irreparable disagreement arise, that this pact maybe cancelled after 5 days notice.

For the New Polar Order,

AlmightyGrub, Emperor

Dajobo, Minister of Truth

For the Imperial Order,

Skippy, Tsar

Raydin, Royal Guard of Interior

John Mathews, Royal Guard of Exterior

Scorponok, Executive Royal Guard

Rotavele, Bojar of FA

Eveready, Bojar of IA

Jumperbeast13, Bojar of Defence

Flying Squirrel, Bojar of Economics

King Alias, Bojar of Membership

(Short version) New Polar order and the Imperial order sign a ODP Treaty

EDIT: meant TIO and NpO

/me JM fails

Edited by John Mathews
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Fail spelling is fail

o/ TIO

I'll have our best scholars educate him in Spelling 101 before his next announcement

Either that, or we're Imperial The Order. I need to review this..

Mod, can you change it to "TIO and NpO Announcement of Win"

Edited by Skippy
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Then I would have to work. Don't you think it would be easier to just change your name?

Also, done.

Too much work on my behalf, would require everyone to change AAs, change forums over, lose a couple of people who can't be bothered to do all that, I'm not paid enough to do that.

Also, you missed "Annoncement" to Announcement :V

Thanks very much

Edited by Skippy
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