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Extreme Makeover Alliance Edition

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Since CBS's jump to the yellow sphere we have been asked the same question time & time again, "Are you gonna change names....... A Yellow alliance shouldn't have BLUE in the name!". Well we have decided! From this moment on Coalition of Blue States will be know as Coalition of Armed Nations (CAN). However, Due to a few incidents it has become a COMPLETE ALLIANCE REDO! So, its a great pleasure of mine to introduce the Coalition of Armed Nations!


All info of CAN is listed below!

The Government of CAN is as follows

Emperor- KingemO93

Imperial Regent- Lord Sir23

Bishop of War- Turner

Bishop of IA- Rubiks

Bishop of FA- Vacant

The charter of CAN is as follows

== Preamble ==

We the founding members of the Coalition of Armed Nations, hereby known as CAN, established this community so that all nations (Especially Yellow) may have a home and family. From this point on CAN swears to upkeep peace, loyalty, respect, and honor on Planet Bob

== Motto(s) ==

“Nothing CAN stand in your way”

== Oath ==

All Government officials of the Coalition of Armed Nations take the following oath to ensure the protection & future of CAN,

I (Government Official) pledge my allegiance to the Coalition of Armed Nations. From this point on I swear to only use my powers to insure the future of CAN and allies. If I fall in my duties then I will resign my position. I which fact a person more deserving will begin were I left off.

== Government ==


1. Over looks all of the day to day activities in CAN

2. Can make changes to his staff at anytime with reason.

~Imperial Regent~

1. Responsible for the commission and operation of an effective recruit program.

2. Reasonable for activity of the forums and IRC channel.

3. Has the power to appoint recruiters.

~Bishop of IA ~

1. Responsible for the commission and operation of an effective academy program.

2. Operates and monitors internal & external activities such as but Trade, Aid, and Technology.

3. Has power to appoint teachers.

4. Responsible for the setting and paying of joining aid.

5. Proposes and pursues the destruction or rehabilitation of rough members.

~Bishop of FA~

1. Responsible for the communication and coordination with all other alliances in existence.

2. Proposes and pursues new diplomatic opportunities.

3. Responsible for the Passing or Denying of legislation

~ Bishop of War ~

1. Responsible for bringing all wars or threats to the Emperor and/or threatened alliance.

2. Responsible for the creation of his/her military plan.

3. Has the power to send our troops into battle when deemed necessary.

== Memberships ==

I. Joining the Alliance

Coalition of Armed Nations will not discriminate anyone because of their color, religion, or political views.

1. To join the alliance the following need to be true.

* They must not be in any wars that were started by them or one that is retaliation for their attack.

* Nations are strongly encouraged to join the yellow sphere; however, nations may apply for a color exemption to be reviewed by the Secretary of Interior Affairs

* They cannot be on any alliances ZI list.

* They may not possess dual membership in another alliance without the express permission of the Emperor of the Coalition of Armed Nations.

2. If all the above is true you need to submit an application.

II. Leaving the alliance

1. Any member can leave the alliance at any time if/when they do the following.

* If you received aid less then or equal to 1 month before you leave the alliance it is necessary you pay it back.

* Any nation leave is required to post a reply saying so in his/her application.

* Please don't be rude or disrespectful when you leave the alliance.

2. If those are all completed you are free to go.

== Military ==

I. Inner Alliance Wars

1. Any member that attacks another member will be expelled till the Bishop of IA finds a punishment that is deemed necessary.

2. Any alliance member that declares war on a friend alliance will be expelled till the Bishop of IA finds a punishment that is deemed necessary.

II. Alliance Wars

1. All alliance wars must be approved by the Bishop of IA.

2. The war will only be approved if the Cassus Belli presented is deemed valid.

3. CAN commit itself to a peaceful in existence; however, remains ever vigilant towards all threats foreign and domestic.

III. Tech Raiding

1. All wars must be approved by the Bishop of IA.

2. CAN does not condone “Tech Raiding”; we have real life military practices.

== Amendments ==

1. “Hazard Defense”, Nuclear Weapons may only be used for defense unless CAN is in an all out war.

2. “Double Jeopardy”, Once a member of CAN has been tried in court he can not be tried again for the same charge.

== Signed ==

This charter has been passed the Coalition of Armed Nations government and signed to show that it is valid.

KingemO93, Emperor

Lord Sir23, Imperial Regent

Turner, Bishop of War

Rubiks, Bishop of IA

Bishop of FA

Can i get one last o/CBS ?????

Edited by KingemO93
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