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Earth invades plant Bob and Krieg!

Colerich Krieg

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OOC: This is my first attempt at a Heros thread. Im pretty sure the guidelines go as a Non cannon story, with multiple particpants playing out a story.

The backstory: I was looking through Youtube and came across this Killzone 2 (which is a sick game) Trailer. Seeing as how my nation is a combination of Imperial Germany/ Helghan, I thought it would be fun to act out.

Here is the video link to the intro to better give an idea of whats going on (and also so I dont have to type out the story line.)

also Im sure all you Killzone freaks like me know the story and will enjoy this :P

ALSO for all intents and purposes, in the video, Helghast = Krieg, ISA = Planet Earth invading Planet Bob, landing in Krieg.

I will also be looking for some badass maps to use for the RP battles etc

So, Join your fellow Kriegans in the defense of Bob, or join the Earth invaders! >:L



"Transmission from Planet Bob - Emperor Colerich..."

"My People.. Sons, and daughters of Krieg and Planet Bob.. the history of these days will be written in blood.. by crushing the armies of our enemies, by using weapons, they thought, to use against us.. to secure our very exsistance.. But if there are those who will deny us peace, and our rightful exsistance in this universe.. THEN.. we will unleash such TERRIBLE Vengeance, that generations yet unborne will cry out in anguish..."

"The Spokesman from ISA-Earth High command had this to say:

"The Dictator pretends to be a martyr while threaten the universe with war.."

[ Earth Soldiers conversing before boarding landing crafts sent to conquer Planet Bob and the Krieg Empire.]

"The 2nd ISA-Earth wave is to be launched soon, and is due to arrive at Bob in 2 weeks.."

(Landing craft take off.)

"The time for diplomacy has passed, the Kriegans started this war when they invaded Earth.."

Emperor Colerich:

"The Enemy may break our bodies, but they cannot break our spirits.."

(Landing craft launching missiles at Krieg Space Patrols.)

"Even now our advance on our homeworld of Bob to seize by force to what they cannot claim by right.. they cannot imagine what awaits them.."

(Bob Lasers blowing Earth assualt craft bye bye)


(Earth landing troops, many getting shot the hell up back and forth.)

"Although they sweep over our lands like sands over a winter, never again will we bow before them. Never again will we endure oppresion.. Never again endure they're tyranny.. We will STRIKE WITHOUT warning and without mercy. Fighting is one HAND. One HEART. One SOUL. We will shatter their dreams, and halt their nightmares, and drench our ancestors grave with their blood. And as our last breath tears away at their lungs, they will know...

Bob.. belongs to the BOBS."

(Troops have landed in Krieg, as well as parts of Eurpoe and Africa. Fighting ensues.)

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