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Beer Vault


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"For those who are geographically challenged, Greenland contains ice. A lot of it. On a related note, if the world were to be consumed by nuclear war, natural disaster, or any other major incident, there are certain items higher up on the priority list for the survival of humanity, one very important item being liquor and alcohol containing drinks. In fact, 87% of people polled around the world said they would like a beer before an impending apocalypse and one afterwards in the post-apocalyptic hellscape. Fortunately, the Ministry of Culture and Heritage has teamed up with the Office of Substance and Alcohol Control to create the very first Beer Vault.


Entrance to beer vault

The recently constructed Beer Vault (although it is planned to contain all liquor, not just beer) is built deep in the northern part of our nation under enough ice to survive most nuclear holocaust scenarios. Due to the surrounding temperature and planned cooling system, the facility will be kept at freezing temperatures at all times to ensure the longevity of the alcohol.

All nations and companies are invited to place kegs/casks/etc. of your best liquor (including wine, beer, rum, brandy, whiskey, champagne, etc.) in the Beer Vault to ensure their survival. Needless to say, if the world does turn into a hellscape and people are willing to kill for the last bottle of your whiskey, that is advertising your company could only dream of at the current time. Alcohol will need to be replaced regularly to ensure that all alcohol will be fresh and palatable and the suggested restock period is every four months.

Once again, I reiterate all nations are allowed to place their liquor in our vault, we will ensure there is enough space for all. Simply travel to one of our major cities with liquor and a Ministry of Heritage and Culture representative will lead you to the Beer Vault."

"Thank you and please let me know the type and amount of liquor you will be placing in the vault ahead of time. I am also available for questions," Minister of Heritage and Culture Bardi Gudmundsson announced from the podium.

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Annihilation finds it hard to believe that anyone in the Empire of Krieg would be drunk at any given time.

On a completely related note, 1000 cases of Nobilo's finest wines will be shipped to Grøenlandia; 500 Cases of Nobilo 2007 Ilam Savignon Blanc, and 500 cases of Hawkes Bay 2005 Pinot Noir.

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