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A New Hope


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Greetings Cyberverse,

In the past weeks the Union of Integrated National Entities has developed a very special relationship with Imperial Assault Alliance. After meeting them through Blunity, both sides realized that this had to be what the scientists call ''true love''. So after much partying, drinking and exchanging of bodily fluids; the following treaty was born:


The Malachor V Accords


Shortly after developing its first hyper-speed capable ships, a small UINE exploration vessel drifted around the strange planet of Malachor V. What it found there was beyond the likes of what the Union believed to be possible.... A huge fleet, flying the banners of the Imperial Assault Alliance was assembled, thousands of capital ships and countless smaller vessels. Understanding that its poor collection of exploration vessels, mining barges and destroyers could do very little against such a force the Union's high command decided to try and establish peaceful relations. For some unbeknownst reason the Imperial Assault Alliance's leaders found that the UINE could serve them well in their dark deeds and decided to extended a cooperative hand. From this decision the Malachor V accords were born...

Article I: Sovereignty

Both Signatories agree to view the other as a sovereign political entity and to refrain from intruding uninvited upon its internal matters.

Article II: Nonaggression

Both signatories will hereafter refrain from any form of hostile acticty; ranging from open military operations all the way down to spy operations. Additionally, both signatories agree to fix any issue to arise between them diplomaticaly.

Article III: Assistance

Either signatory may request aid from the other in the form of military, political or economic support. While the other signatory is not legally bound to accept, it is strongly encouraged.

Article IV: Intelligence

Should any piece of military or political intelligence vital to the other signatory become known to the other, it is accepted by both parties that this information will be passed on.

Article V: Exchange

Such is the relationship between the signatories that both parties agree to allow and promote increased economic cooperation between their members.

Article VI: Upgrade

Both parties see this treaty as the first step in a long a fruitful cooperation process. As such this treaty may in the future be upgraded to a treaty of increased military significance at the discretion of both the IAA and UINE.

Article VII: Cancellation

Should the relationship outlined in this document no longer exist then both parties agree that this document may be cancelled. Should this be the case a 48 hour grace period is required.

Signed for UINE:

Emperor - Keve69

Triumvir - Team_Coltra

Triumvir - HRH_King_Raymond

Triumvir - Skoshuke

Signed for IAA:

His Majesty, the Emperor: Chimaera

Grand Vizier: Stagger Lee

Imperial Regent: Scipio Africanus

Grand Admiral: MercyFallout

ISB Director: Darth Nihilus

Imperial Exchequer: James Wilson

Love you guys over at IAA!

Hail UINE!

Hail IAA!

Hail Blunity!

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Announcing that you've consumated isnt the same as creating a new one.

But congrats on the man-love, regardless.

Hush hush you Sith are always so negative :P Stop critisizing and start loving, embrace the light side my friend!

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how many treaties does IAA have now?

I would say right around 10, is there something wrong with having 10 treaties? considering that most of them are not of a Mutual Defense level I don't see the issue. Anyways, I have to do my mindless hailing.

o/ IAA


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how many treaties does IAA have now?

Off the top of my head I came up with seven, plus a protectorate. That's a lot less than most alliances nowadays.

On a more related note, it's good to have found such good friends in UINE. Our friendship has just begun, but already we have laid a strong foundation for our futures.

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I genuinely hope that the UINE can do something like this with the GDI in the future. I wish the UINE and the IAA good wishes and many babies.

Yah, me too. <_< *thought*I would like a PIAT not an MDP*thought*

o/ uine

o/ iaa

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