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New Zealand Notice

Sargun II

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"A rebel communications base has been captured, sir, but it's about to blow. We've got thirteen minutes to send a message to the outside world!"

"Then it'll have to do."


The Council of Twelve is not Twelve anymore. We are unable to establish figures but we understand at this point there are only four surviving members. Auckland has been captured. Half of the North Island is under siege while the other half is under rebel control. The Bay of Plenty has Tahoean ships but have yet to mount an assault. The South Island has shown little rebel activity but martial law is being enforced in Christchurch.

Finally, if a single member of the Dragon Empire sails a ship in our direction we will destroy them. Thank you. This is our war to fight.


OOC: Here's the lowdown. Anything in the New Zealand protectorate thread that was your first action is recognized. That means if you sailed ships, sent a peacekeeping corps, whatever, it exists. However, anything after your first action is null. That means any sort of "landing" or "blockade" or "reinforcement" or whatever is not recognize. As for Tahoe, this places you with ships at or just outside of the Bay of Plenty. :wub:


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OOC: HOLY CRAP MAN!!! Your back. What up?

IC: Lieutenant General Shini Karu tries to radio the current leaders of Sargun in order to ask oermission if the 1st Marines Division may land to help them combat rebel forces and also to keep law and order in New Zealand.

OOC: Sargun, you have to decide if I get through or not.

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