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Joint Announcement from ODN and GATO


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After careful consideration, the nations of the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization and the Orange Defense Network have agreed that their friendship, already announced both in conduct private and public and confirmed to the general public in the signing of a gentlemanly agreement regarding Peace, Intelligence, and Aid, have decided to commemorate their association in a manner more befitting friends of our worldly and fraternal stature.

Therefore, we are pleased to expound upon our friendship in the following agreement of camaraderie and trust.

The Bakery of Democracy Pact

Ingredient List

As the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization (hereinafter known as GATO) and the Orange Defense Network (hereinafter known as ODN) have found that chocolate and orange go well together, they have developed a recipe to make it even more special.

Article 1 - No Spoiling

Neither flavor will do anything to spoil the other. That's just not how friends act.

Article 2 - Complete Sugary Coating

Both flavors agree to make sure the other is covered in times of attack.

Article 3 - Recipe Copyright

Any recipe that looks to harm the other will be reported to the proper cook.

Article 4 - The Food Bank

If either cupboard is bare then it will be filled with the best quality food available at the time of purchase.

Article 5 - Recycling

Should either flavor ever feel the need to return to storage, a 120 hour return policy is required for proper restocking.

Signed, for the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization

Laserwolf, Assembly Chairman

MTTezla, Minister of Foreign Affairs

22nd Congress of the Global Alliance

Signed, for the Orange Defense Network

Secretary General - Arsenal

Assistant Secretary General - Sunstar

Secretary of Defense - Bullshirt

Secretary of State - James Davis

Secretary of Economics - Merlin

Secretary of the Interior - Nemo249

ODN Senate XXX - Cataduanes, Franklin, Joracy, Twizzler, Zessa

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