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Arctic Confederation


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Dear Leaders of the nations of Top Gear, Dranagg, the Hanseatic Commonwealth, and also Ardoria,

The government of Kitex proposes that we band together to make The Arctic Federation.

The main purpose of this federation will be for mutual defense and economic prosperity.

As of now I'd just like to see how all of you feel about this situation and see what happens.

Please respond,

President DDB

I like this idea very much. I'd like to see the following points in this treaty:

- Free movement between borders for all residents in the Antarctic areas of our nations.

- Mutual Defence between the nations should any of the areas be invaded.

- Economic co-operation and international sea and air routes established for improved trade.

- Co-operative research conducted on the continent for the advancement of human understanding.

- Exclusion of any military action on the entire continent. Military testing may be conducted by the signatories in question on a selected island off the mainland, preferably as distant as possible to avoid environmental repercussions. All such actions will then be restricted to that zone of choice.

One more thing, it should probably be the Antarctican federation, as I believe the arctic is general more northerly. :P

Regards, Stig.

OOC: Since none of you responded to my in-forum messages, I started this topic so that we may discuss if we want to create the Arctic Federation.

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Here is my proposition.


The Antarctic Federation

Article I.

We, the signatories of this pact agree to co-operate and collaborate in ensuring a peaceful and prosperous future for the citizens and societies of Antarctica.

Article II.

All Antarctican Residents will be issued "Antarctican Citizenship". This shall be denoted on their passport and will be granted freedom of movement between borders throughout the continent.

Article III.

a. (OOC: Once a month) Each year, a new nation will appoint a representative from their government to govern the Federation. This post will involve co-ordinating any movement of scientists or peace-keeping troops, and ensuring peace and the terms of this treaty are abided throughout the continent, by each signatory and every other nation.

b. At the end of the term, the nation that currently holds the post shall make the announcement stating the transfer of the position. Transfer proceeds in Alphabetical order by the nation name.

Article IV.

All signatories agree to conduct collaborative, peaceful research on Antarctica. The Antarctic Federation Research Commission will be established to administer this.

Article V.

In order to develop economic potential from the continent, international air and sea trade routes will be arranged for increased frequency in trade between the nations. The Antarctic Federation Trade Commission will be established to administer this.

Article VI.

Antarctica shall remain a peaceful continent. No military activity is permitted on the continent mainland at any time by any nation. The Antarctic Federation Peace Corps shall be established to maintain peace in the region, consisting of 1,000 soldiers contributed from each signatory, permanently based across the continent.

Article VII.

Signatories that wish to conduct military testing must designate an island within their territory off the mainland within which all such tests shall be conducted, to prevent environemtal repurcussions.

Article VIII.

Should any non-signatory declare war on any other signatory and such warfare transpires on the continent, the other signatories are obliged to defend and assist the Antarctic territory under threat, and expel such forces from the region.

Article IX.

Amendments to this covenant must be agreed to by all signatories.

Article X.

Should any signatory wish to withdraw from this pact, a 96-hour notice to all existing signatories and a Public Notification of Cancellation are required.


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The Republic is not interested in this treaty. We wish Top Gear, Kitex, and any other future signatories congratulations.

Top Gear respects Dranagg's right not to participate, but asks if their lack of interest is due to the concept of unity as a whole, or the specific terms of the treaty.

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