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Orange trade circle

sodom gomorrah

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This is to be a trade circle set up on orange, post here if you are willing to participate, or PM (not send trade offers) to me in game if you by some reason can't post here.

The bolded ones are taken, if you want to participate, please post in this format:

Nation name:

Link to nation:

Resource 1:

Resource 2:

Base Resources

Oil (Tripp_Trap)

Rubber (Cer Vaysa)

Gold (Battlekj)

Lead (John Shephard)

Coal (Alagon)

Iron (Bluesasquatch)

Lumber (Bluesasquatch)

Marble (Alagon)

Aluminum (Battlekj)

Silver (Cer Vaysa)

Gems (John Shephard)

Furs (Tripp_Trap)

Bonus Resources





Radiation Cleanup



Fine Jewelery

The full effect of the trade circle:


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Great, adding you in.

Also adding Bluesasquatch on his request.



The circle is now complete, and does not accept further applications/sign-ups, until one member leaves the circle, or admin gives us more trade slots.

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