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Ronin Koushin


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It has been an eventful 2 weeks in Ronin. We have seen some amazing growth and the alliance is as active as ever.

Stats Update

I had originally hijacked TSI's recent announcement to state that we had passed 1 million Nation Strength as an alliance. But the people revolted and wanted an announcement of our own. So here it is, with and added bonus. Not only are we over 1 million NS, we have over a 60k average strength as well. This is more growth than I could have ever imagined and it is all due to the nations that have joined recently. A wise man once said, you are only as strong as your weakest member. And with the rate we are going, we have no issues with that philosophy.


New Government Structure

With the help of Kroknia we have recently re-done our government structure. The Shogun is no longer the head of the alliance, the Emperor is and is aided by the Shogun and the Kampaku who will operate at an unofficial Triumvirate at the top of the alliance followed by the Daiymos. The Emperor and Shogun are lifetime appointments with the Kampaku being elected every 3 months. For the first Kampaku election is was a nailbiter. We had 4 very good nominees. Lokie, Kroknia, Kingdingaling and Electron Sponge. After a good QnA session the first voted ended up in a tie between Lokie and Kroknia. The re-vote looked like it was going the same way until about an hour before the polls closed and Lokie won by 1 vote. I want to thank all of the nominees for their participation and I encourage you all to run in 3 months when it comes time to elect a new Kampaku. I would like to take this time to present to you the current Imperial Council of Ronin:

AirMe, Emperor

JackSkellington(Nitemare), Shogun

Lokie, Kampaku

Hisk, Daimyo of Internal Affairs

Olaf Eisenberg, Daimyo of Defense

KingDingaLing, Daimyo of Finance

none, Daimyo of Foreign Affairs


In celebration of our recent success there is a pantless party going on in #ronin on coldfront. So come join us to celebrate and remember, leave your pants at home!

That is all for this week, I would like to thank you all for reading and see you all again in 2 weeks.




Emperor of Ronin

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Congratulations to our friends in Ronin on their continued successes and new government structure. I know I join many in CN in looking forward to working with your new Daimyo of Foreign Affairs, I hear that none is one crazy cat.

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