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Sammiches anyone?

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If you'd like to request a sammich I'd suggest contacting Slybomber at #UBD, apparantly he's got a big order coming in. In the mean time here is a shiny new treaty for some of our old and new friends who are now united under one banner.



Since the beginning of The Golden Horde both these alliances have been very close to each other due to similar roots. It is in this spirit of this friendship that the signatories aforementioned pledge their support to each other through and optionally binding defence treaty.

Article I - Sovereignty

This treaty, although strengthening bonds of obligation between the signatories, does not infringe in any way on either of the sovereign alliances it encompasses.

Article II - Peace

Peace should be maintained at all times between signatories whilst this treaty is valid. This treaty also prescribes beneficial respect between the signatories which can be encompassed in the maintenance of peace between them for the duration of this treaty and hopefully beyond.

Article III - Intelligence

As an aid to upholding article II intelligence regarding each signatory should be conferred at the appropriate government level. This will ensure the long term security and integrity of both alliances.

Article IV - Trade and Aid

Tech and Money exchange programmes between the signatories should be favoured to support mutual growth and conserving benefits within the friendship. Also, signatories may request aid packages from each other at times of exceptional hardship but there is no obligation for these requests to be fulfilled.

Article V - Optional Defence

This treaty provides a valid Causus Belli for either alliance to declare war on an alliance attacking the other signatory.

Article VI - Cancellation

If either signatory wishes to cancel this treaty at any point they must notify the other signatory in private at least 72 hours before posting a cancellation notice in public. The treaty is active until this valid cancellation notice is posted in public.

Signed for UBD:

mdnss69 - Director

Russell07 - Director

Slybomber - Director


Signed for TGH:

Partisan, Genghis Khan of The Horde,

Meyer, Beklare Bek of The Horde

Combat Pope, Vizier of Diplomacy for The Horde

Rawdon, Vizier of War for The Horde

KingSVH, Vizier of Internal Affairs for The Horde

Mongols are never taught to read or write properly, they are just born and bred to go to war. Hence, we'd like to include this translation for them to make it accessible for all.


Before we go ambling across this hilly treaty lets have a little bit of a read. That's probably long enough now, lets get on with it.


We can't be in bed together all the time, so both signatories promise to occasionally go home and read the mail.


Warring with each other isn't exactly good when we are planning defending each other so both signatories agree to leave each other's nations alone.


If either signatory manages to score some IQ points in Test the Nation then they should share.

Trade and Aid:

Tech is yummy and CN dollars are also quite tasty, therefore we should try to keep both for ourselves. If we want to swap them around a bit then that is fine. Also, Slybomber exchanges a minute fraction of his awesome for CombatPope and Rawdon to become his personal slaves and bring him sammiches at regular intervals.

Optional Defence:

If one signatory gets into a spot of bother the other can come riding over the brow of the hill and score an epic headshot on the opposing team. If we can't be bothered to get out of bed then that is also OK.


You mess with The Golden Horde or The United Blue Directorate and you could end up in this pile:


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Thanks Rob, and yes, probably.

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:wub: UBD

UBD has been nothing but kind to us so far. I am looking forward to working on even closer relations with you :)



Some of TGH's finest warriors on their way to teach UBD the ways of the Mongols

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