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Riksdag, Stockholm, Sverige

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Sveriges Riksdag

In 1999 King Kristian I signed a new Constitution which among others things instituted a parliament called the Riksdag. The Riksdag has 199 seats. This was supposed to be the national legislative assembly of Sverige, but opposing forces weakened its position even before it was founded. At the moment this Riksdag only has advisory rights on laws that are made by the Riksradet. Members of the Riksdag serve 5 years and are elected on personal title, because political parties are officially forbidden in Sverige. Current talman (speaker) of the Riksdag is Kalle Lund, a progressive businessman who believes democracy can only be beneficial for Sverige.

A list of Riksdag Parlamentariker (PM) can be found here


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King Kristian was wheeled into the Riksdag assembly hall, he was smiling because he knew today would be a big day for Sveriges future generations.

Talman Kalle Lund hit the lectern with a wooden hammer. There was something new and vibrating in the way he struck the wood. As if he voiceless wanted to support the King in his quest. But the king new that Kalle Lund was not the big challenge. It was the old aristocratic elite, the new capitalistic elite, and the nationalistic factions.

The king was alone, he had told Albert, his personal assistant, that he could manage alone. he had trained his arm muscles in the last few weeks. It still stung when he thought back to that painful moment when the doctors at the hospital wanted to inform him of his legs. But he had already known. And he had vowed to himself that psychical handicap could not harm his spirit and mind. Even though he could never walk again, he had a task to complete in Sverige, a quest to help the people of this beautiful country. And he was glad he was not gutless........ Thinking about that the king smirked a bit. But then he had to bite on his teeth when he wheeled his wheelchair onto the wooden platform constructed especially for him.

Gentleman, today I have assembled the Riksdag. But today is not a day like every day. Today marks the beginning of a change. A change to a system that is broken, a system that is wrong. A system that may claim to rule Sverige in the name of the people, but that is ultimately only for a select few people. Today we will change that!

A few parlamentariker wrinkled their eyebrows, but most of them applauded loud, though not all with their heart.

Its not like you didn't see this coming mister Winbäck. You have always opposed any change in this direction, fearing for your factories, your businesses, your wealth, your toys, your fancy cars! You only took from Sverige, and never gave anything back! So now is the time to give back to the people what we have wrenched from their cold and dying hands many many years ago. To give them back what my uncle had been fighting for all these years! In his memory!

Some parlamentariker stood up and started to knock with their fists on the wooden tables

And you Thomas Östros, I have to say this. Nationalism is in its self not a bad thing. I am a nationalist myself, I love the Sverige language, I feel proud in my heart when Sverige accomplishes something, I feel pride when I hear our anthem play, I love the rivers and mountains, and I love every single citizen in Sverige! But nationalism may never be an excuse for xenophobia, for looking at people and letting them know that you feel superior. We can not build Sverige with only half our population. We need every men, be it in a wheelchair.....

The king had to pause because the applause was getting to loud.

.... or with a different color. We need every child, be it the smart ones, or the strong ones. We need every woman, be it the blond beautiful woman from the south, or the dark haired Sami. We need everybody to build this nation. Everybody shall contribute that what he can contribute to this nation, and all shall be equal in benefits!

The Riksdag almost exploded when Thomas Östros and his gang made way to the exit.

If you leave now you will not come back in here!

And to you Carina Adolfsson Elgestam. To you I have to say the following. A country can not be ruled by only a hand full of old people. All the people of Sverige must feel that the government represent them! Not some old institution that that can only stare into the past and not see a glimpse of the beautiful future we have ahead of us. That is build on age old traditions. Traditions that smother progress, traditions that halt advancement. Traditions that keep the bright and young people of this country away from their destiny! Their destiny to lead this magnificent country to new heights! I have trust in the youth of this country. And I will not be responsible for shattering their dreams.

And now the Riksdag really exploded, all the three factions made their way out of the Riksdag.

But the king knew that he might have won the first battle, but he had not won the war, not yet.

The real power of these rebellious factions was not vested in the Riksdag, it was in their old power structures, their institutions, their wealth and influence.

The youth holds the key to the future, and they can not share it with us if we stop them dead in their tracks. We must allow everybody to participate in this new dream, this ideal for the future. The new Sverige nation, the new democracy is the only basis of our existence and our future. This basis contains our most precious treasure. In the future, too, there will be ill-will, both in the country itself and abroad, which will try to tear this treasure from us. We will stand for Sverige, we will not give way to evil, to darkness, to shortsightedness. We will advance into the future and not keep staring into the past .

And if one day we are compelled to defend our independence and the democracy, then, in order to fulfill our duty, we will have to look beyond the possibilities and conditions in which we might find ourself. It may be that these conditions and possibilities are altogether unfavorable. It may be that the enemies who desire to destroy our independence and our democracy represent the strongest force that the earth has ever seen; that they have through craft and force, taken possession of all the fortresses and arsenals of the Fatherland; that all its armies are scattered and the country actually and completely occupied. That day may never come, but we have to be prepared to fight the dark evils. The evils of chauvinism, of xenophobia, fascism, elitism, racism and all those things that will try to bring us down,

Assuming, in order to look still darker possibilities in the face, that those who hold the power of government within the country have fallen into error, that they are fools or traitors, yes, even that these leading persons may identify their personal interests with the enemy's political goals, it might happen that the nation came into complete privation, into the most extreme distress; that it found itself in a condition of ruin and complete exhaustion.

Even then I will stand for Sverige, I will defend it to my last breath, to my last drop of blood.

Even under those dark circumstances, O children of future generations! It is our duty to save the independence, the Sverige Republic. From this day on, I expect everybody to push for the limit, to bring glory to Sverige. And from this magnificent day we will all be equal, we will all be in this together!

The strength that we will need for this is mighty in the noble blood which flows in our veins. Sverige, I call on you, I believe on you, I love you!

Most of the parlamentariker were standing on their benches, screaming and cheering. The king let them be for a few minutes and then motioned the Talman.

So my beloved gentleman, lets put these words into concrete action, lets build ourselves a new future! We have much work to do!

OOC: This speech was broad casted on Sveriges national TV

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