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[quote name='Bdiah' timestamp='1291187057' post='2527147']
A few points of data:
-13, -168, 64%
-15, -169, 65%
-16, -170, 66%

Using these points I formed a line under that assumption that 1%=1 deg (which I know is incorrect), and adjusted:

-40, 166, 85%
-44, 170, 83%
-46, 160, 87%

getting better, but still a ways to go. For future points, I would continue along this path until the effectiveness drops, then drop a perpendicular to the northwest at an appropriate point.

Next Suggested Points:
-53, 153
-60, 146


thanks for these Bdiah. using them, i got 98% with -35,140 and then the full 100% with -37,140. screencap to follow !


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[quote name='Bdiah' timestamp='1291187057' post='2527147']

I recall that there has been a fair amount of discussion but have we ever determined the actual equation modeling how effectiveness falls off with respect to distance?

zakharov's algorithm is developed over these posts:


and concludes with:

eff(hs,p) = 100 - 125*d(hs,p)/pi

where pt is any point, hs is the hotspot and d is the great circle distance function with radius = 1.

The algorithm is like this:

for every point p with integer coordinates on the map
-assume p is the hotspot
-calculate the efficiency of all known datapoints and count how many match the points that match every datapoint are hotspot candidates.


that won't get you right to the 100% solution, as there are a couple more wrinkles (including floating pt calcs), but if you get close, feel free to query at that time.

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Happy new year everyone.


EDIT: here's a cool plot that shows all the datapoints for this month's calculation: each ring is one datapoint, and the red dot at their intersection is the hotspot.


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[quote name='Zombie Glaucon' timestamp='1295160498' post='2576855']
Nice! What are you using to make this?

It's made with Mathematica, same thing with the graphics earlier in this thread ([url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=64843&view=findpost&p=1879161"]here[/url],[url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=64843&view=findpost&p=1879493"]here[/url],[url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=64843&view=findpost&p=1885515"]here[/url]). Mathematica rocks :awesome:

[quote name='NuclearTrogo' timestamp='1295355419' post='2581186']
Wonder if there's a 0% effectiveness somewhere... :P

The efficiency is clamped above 50%. That's good for lazy players, but it actually makes the hotspot harder to find because any datapoints inside the 50% zone don't give much useful information.

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I've got this awesomeness ready to find the hotspot this Monday: :awesome::D:D
BTW, if anyone has the exact formula for finding the efficiency that gets the floating point error correct, please send it to me, because the formula I'm using now is slightly off.

[size="5"][b]Possible Moon Hotspot Locations (December 2010):[/b][/size]

Tried a location? Post the result in this thread! Every point helps, even if it gives 50%.

Points Tried so far (lat, long):
(-13, -168): 64%
(-40, 166): 85%

Priority Points (try these next):

(If you decide to try a priority point, post here that you're trying it, try it, and post the result, so that someone else doesn't try the same point)


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