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My nation is finally big enough to start purchasing tech, and I have a few questions about it. Is tech an aspect where the effects are dependant on nation size, as in an equation? For example, tech is supposed to increase the environment, are there simply flat amounts, I.E. 20 Tech = One half star? (A very rough and inaccurate example) or are the positive effects dependant on say, your Nation Strength? I'm wondering about literacy rate aswell, because I was looking for trading partners and saw someone's tech level was 22, and upon further inspection I noticed they had 1 school yet a literacy rate of 20%, which I assume is the base percent. So are there other effects other than tech affecting this nation's literacy rate, such as there military/citizen ratio, infrastructure, etc.? The only thing I'm sure on is the amount of happiness you get, which I know is a flat rate. Sorry if this post is rambling and convoluted or if this stuff was covered in the FAQ (I looked a long time and didn't find any of this). Thanks for reading. :)

(Also, I like the little feature of getting better tech items in the purchase tech area, like the telegraph evolving into a radio)

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A lot of the answers to your questions can be found here.

If you still have questions, post them here.

EDIT: I noticed it doesn't explain Literacy Rate well. Here's the general breakdown:

When you start out, your literacy rate is not 20%. It shows as 20% no matter what you have. When you get more tech, schools, etc., it increases. Once the level gets past 20%, it shows up as larger.

For Example, I have 278.67 tech and 5 schools. My literacy rate is 95.35%. It's a direct function of tech and schools and other modifiers.

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Ok, I read that and still have 1 more question (Just 1, I swear) This interested me in the Environment section:

Environment - Environment effects both your nations population happiness and population count. There are numerous variables in the environment bar which include some of the connected resources (coal/oil and uranium bring your environment down), a nations tech level, infrastructure to land ratio, military to population ratio, not having access to water, certain government types, your responses to the drug and immigration government policy questions, etc...

There isn't anything about the environment in the Technology section of the guide. Is it something that is a secret that needs to be found out? Is it out of date or something else?

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