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Whats the number I should pay for a 20 donation

Goofy Goober

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I would say at least 6M. Now that tech is basically worthless and that 200 infra you get from the donation is worth a lot more today than it was yesterday.


shhhhh... people are going to stop doing donations because they are "worthless" now because of the tech changes. don't let them in on the secret.

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nations now are wanting to pay 15 mil for 1 donation

There was a topic like this a couple of months ago and it contained a similar statement. However, the fact that there are indeed some nations who might be ok with paying this doesn't make it a normal market price.

Until last month 3M+50tech was still very much available if you looked hard enough, now I'd say that 6M or 6M+50tech has started to become the minimum.

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