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"Quoth The Raven"

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Hello all, Today we come forth to branch out our wings and establish a new alliance on the red sphere. Traditionally the red sphere has been home to one alliance, but now with the Moldavi Doctrine no longer in place we have decided to pioneer a sphere recently opened to all.

I know what your all thinking - But Nevermore has come and gone before on the Aqua Sphere. Well yes this is true but we approached one of the former government of the old Nevermore and asked for permission

[20:04] Tautology[RoK]> You're welcome to use the Nevermore name.

So without further Ado I present the charter of Nevermore

Charter of Nevermore


Preamble: Nevermore is a red team alliance that seeks to advance her members economically and militaristically through mutual trade, aid and education. Nevermore’s main focus is the defense and sovereignty of her member nations through any means necessary.


Article I: Membership Requirements:

Section 1.01: In order to obtain membership into Nevermore prospective members are required to post an application on nevermore’s FORUM with the following details

Nation Name:

Nation Link:

Nation Strength:

Team Color:

Previous Alliances:


Any Wars in the past 10 days:

I [insert name here] agree to uphold the charter of Nevermore, and in return am entitled to the rewards bestowed upon its membership. In a time of peace I agree to Aid her members and in a time of war I agree to defend her members from harm. If I defy the laws of this charter, I am subject to consequences deemed fit by the government members of Nevermore.

Signed, [insert name here] on the [Day] of [Month and Year].

Section 1.02: Prospective members must change their in-game AA to “Nevermore Applicant”

Section 1.03: Prospective members must NOT be in peace mode, a member of another alliance, be on another alliance’s enemy list or be currently engaged in an active war.

Section 1.04: Once the requirements have been confirmed by the Minister of Education a prospective member will be masked as an “Applicant” on the Nevermore forums and place in our academy.

Section 1.05: In order for an “Applicant” to become a full member within Nevermore an “Applicant” must complete the following requirements within the academy

  • A small Q & A test.
  • Successfully complete 3 tech deals.
  • Reach 7,500 NS.
  • Military check in.
  • Reside on the red trading sphere.
  • Register a nickname on IRC and be seen in our members channel a minimum 2 times.

Once an “Applicant” has completed these requirements the Minister of Education will mask them as a full member on the forums.

Section 1.06: Any member present at the founding of Nevermore is exempt from the Red trading sphere requirement, but will make all efforts to convert to Red when able to do so.


Article II: Resignation

Section 2.01: A member nation of Nevermore has the right to leave Nevermore providing

  • Nevermore is in a state of peace/low alert.
  • Post in the resignation thread.
  • Remove Nevermore from their in-game AA.
  • Repay any outstanding debt owed.

Section 2.02: A nation leaving Nevermore whilst in a state of war/high alert will be branded a deserter/traitor and will be sentenced to 1 round of ZI.


Article III: Leadership:

Section 3.01: Consuls

Nevermore will be governed by 2 Consuls who will have complete authority to speak on behalf of Nevermore as a whole

Section 3.01A: Authority

  • 1. The Consuls of Nevermore shall determine the direction that Nevermore shall take.
  • 2. The Consuls shall appoint all Ministers to their position.
  • 3. The Consuls shall determine all sanctions placed on members up to and including ZI
  • 4. The Consuls make the final call on all treaty signings and declarations of war.

Section 3.01B: Removal - The Consuls may only be removed for the following reasons with a 75% vote from all government officials of the rank minister and above

  • 1. Treason
  • 2. Inactivity (7 days or more without notice)
  • 3. Abuse of powers

If a 75% vote has been reached then the regent shall be appointed the new Consul.

Section 3.01C: Succession - If a Consul decides to step down then said Consul will appoint a successor from the regent and ministers

Section 3.02: Regent

Nevermore will have 1 member nation appointed as the second in command of Nevermore

Section 3.02A: Authority

  • 1. The Regent of Nevermore will temporarily replace a Consul in the event that a Consul is absent/on vacation
  • 2. The Regent will oversee all departments in Nevermore.
  • 3. The Regent will conduct foreign affairs upon direction from the Consul.

Section 3.02B: Removal - The Regent may only be removed for the following reasons with a 75% vote from all government officials of the rank minister and above

  • 1. Treason
  • 2. Inactivity (7 days or more without notice)
  • 3. Abuse of powers

If a 75% vote has been reached then the Consul will appointed the new Regent.


Article IV: Ministers:

Section 4.01: The Ministers in Nevermore will represent all departments within the alliance and shall consist of the following (in command rank)

  • Minister of War
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Minister of Internal Affairs
  • Minister of Finance
  • Minister of Education

Section 4.01A: Removal - A Minister may only be removed for the following reasons with a 75% vote from all government officials of the rank minister and above

  • 1. Treason
  • 2. Inactivity (7 days or more without notice)
  • 3. Abuse of powers

If a 75% vote has been reached then the Consuls will appointed a new Minister.

Section 4.02: Addition - At the discretion of the consuls, new minister positions may be created as Nevermore grows and expands.


Article V: War and Raiding:


Section 5.01: Nevermore will consider any attack on 1 of our nations (including an attack on our in-actives) as an act of War on the entire alliance

Section 5.02: Nevermore considers Espionage on 1 of our nations as an act of war on the entire alliance.

Section 5.03: Nevermore will view any sanction placed on 1 of our nations (trade and/or aid) with out our prior approval and act of war on the entire alliance.

Section 5.04: Nevermore will defend our nations with all resources available - this includes the use of Nuclear weapons.


Section 5.05: Nevermore believes that all nations should be allowed to grow peacefully without being hindered from random attacks, so Nevermore has made the practice of Raiding Forbidden. Any member nation found practicing the art of raiding will be warned once and once only. If a member nation is found to have raided a second time said nation will be expelled from nevermore.


Article VI: Miscellaneous:

Section 6.01: Amendments may be made to the charter with a 75% vote cast from Government members of the rank ministers and above.

Section 6.02: In the event of a coup/hostile takeover this charter and Nevermore as a whole will become void and defunct.

Section 6.03: Disbandment and merger: In the event of a merger or disbandment, it will take a 3/4 majority vote of all government members to make it official. This decision can be vetoed by the general membership by a 2/3 majority vote.



Agnu - Consul

Anubis - Consul

Some useful information

Forums: http://nevermore.motionforum.net/

IRC: #Nevermore

Protectorate Agreement: Zenith

tl;dr Nevermore has been formed on the Red Team, Has nothing to do with the old nevermore, Have permission to use the Nevermore Name

I would like to thank Airikr for the announcement banner

Also I would like to thank D34th for the Flag

o/ Nevermore

o/ New Beginnings

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An Announcement from Zenith


Protection of Nevermore

Nevermore is under the provisional protection of Zenith with a more formal treaty to follow at a later date (as soon as the scribes finish it). Until the more official (read: pretty) treaty is announced, we request that the denizens of Planet Bob respect our protection of Nevermore and refrain from carrying out aggressive actions against them.

Thank you.



Executive Triumvir: Suvorov

External Triumvir: Duncan King

Internal Triumvir: Metictype


Minister of Defense: Doctorrodders

Minister of Development: Jazhayre

Minister of Domestic Affairs: Panther

Minister of Finance: Xaero

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Kzoppistan

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I'd like to start off by thanking our friends at Zenith for protecting us. I've worked with them since I started out in TPF. They are a stellar group, and I'm honored to be able to work with them again.

I'd also like to thank everyone who has supported us in this venture. Don't worry, we won't let you down!

If anyone has any questions, or just want to get to know us, please stop by #nevermore and drop one of us a query. :)

o7 Nevermore, may we be around forevermore.

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Well, it's about time! Congrats, you guys. :)

I'd make a Poe reference, but that was only applicable if I got second post, so I'm too lazy to go do it now.

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The Earth protecting the Moon?

silly flags

Oh look, the peanut gallery is here. Next I expect we'll see a stellar contribution from IS.

Zenith is very happy to be doing this. Agnu is a friend from way back.

This is also the second time that I've protected an alliance named "Nevermore."

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"A coward dies a thousand deaths, a soldier dies but once." -Tupac

He is one of the best poets i have ever seen.

Take his advice to your grave.

Nevermore, i wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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