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I am proud to announce the reformation of the LUEnited Nations!


Oh wait... wrong announcement. Sorry about that.

In a world where a man met a rock...






Three years ago today, a bunch of dudes from some forum thought that killing LUE was a neat idea. This led to that and the other thing, and the RIA was born. Four wars, two crises, tons of $@Pony and flashes of greatness later, we're the most :awesome: we've ever been. From nothing we started, and now we have it all. A fantastic member base, a committed, hard-working leadership, the best friends an alliance can have, and of course, nice big numbers and a cornucopia of pixels. Today is the RIA's third birthday, and we're awesome. There's little else to be said, so let's hail that !@#$. You all lost The Game. hmm... Déjà vu. Also D: Florida.

Party at #RIA! =D














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This announcement brings me great joy. It reminds me of the original days of the RIA's founding. We were the most unlikely group to survive, but we did. We are the testament to the Gamefaqs alliances.

The Random Insanity Alliance has survived this crazy world for three years. We plan on being here for a long time to come.

Viva La RIA, Viva La Shyox, Viva La Azural, Viva La Moth, Viva La RivoluCon!

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I joined RIA two years ago for the first time. I have not been a consistent member, but they were my second alliance. I originally joined Legion for two months and then saw the topic on RI about the RIA and killing lue. Overall I liked what I read, and since I had been a member of RI for two years at that point I went for it.

I'm glad I've been an RIA member, off and on or not. Very recently I've realized all my dreams I had for the RIA, and that was mostly making its military as first rate as I could. RIA and I have had our disagreements, and I don't agree with some of the ins and outs of its politics in the past. But here's to another three years. :awesome:

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march something 2007, i joined the RIA and neva looked back(except to make sure there was no butsexing going on) decision i will never regret.

also, forgot to mention that we are lightyears ahead of the rest of you guys:

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