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Rise and Shine, Mr. Leader, Rise and Shine...

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Welcome, my friends, to the lair of the almighty, the domain of the adventurous, and the final resting place of the courageous. We, the Monolith Corporation great you!

We are a rapidly expanding enterprise looking for the smartest, smoothest, and most gifted brains and brawn out there. You may have heard of us, and you may not have, yet need that not worry you, for you shall get to know us for quite some time to come.

We have many things to provide new and old potential employees who are looking for a change of pace from what they are used to, needless to say that we offer the following things:

* $3,000,000 start-up aid as part of our Young Enterprise scheme.

* Guaranteed protection from stalkers and lowlifes, perfect for home-defence!

* We are always glad to help you set up Tech Deals, so that you shall grow ever faster.

* Dedicated members ready to assist you at any time, if you have any questions, they shall respond with the truth.

* Excellent communication through off-site forums and IRC channels, to allow for more direct communication between you and your comrades.

* Always something to do within our company.

We are always after new people, so please, consider us, and work safe, work smart, your future depends on it.

Before exiting this thread, make sure to check your nation for personal belongings. Thank you, and have a very safe, and productive day.



Franz Ferdinand

Chairman of Monolith

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The Holy Charter Package of Monolith

I. Preamble

Monolith is a group of same-minded individuals who each have a fanatical devotion to being evil jackasses, with no respect for common decency. It is with this in mind, that we hope to become, and maintain a constant factor of fun with an exciting community, while at the same time, holding a unique and dynamic style.

II. Obligatory Message Which Nobody Will Read

Job Applications for Dummies

I. Literally anyone is welcome to join our merry band of henchmen and deranged fanatics, however, you must follow these strict rules and regulations before you consider applying for us:

1. Your nation must not be engaged in any wars, may that be aggressive, or defensive.

2. Your nation must not be labelled a rogue/terrorist or be on any kind of Zero Infrastructure Lists.

3. Your nation must have a positive standing within the Community of Cyber Nations, and must have any prior commitments resolved before engaging with us.

II. Prospective Henchmen must apply for membership by utilising the following format:

Nation Name:

Ruler Name:

Nation Link:

Nation Strength:

Colour Team:

Former Alliances:

Where did you hear about the wondrous world of Monolith?:

"I, ***Nation Ruler*** of ***Nation Name***, have read the Charter for Monolith and I promise to abide by it directly to the letter, for the rest of my time here at this alliance."

Handing in your P45

I. You may resign from your job as evil henchman here at Monolith during Peace time, with no repercussions at all, providing that you have paid off any pre-existing debts that you may have with us.

II. If you leave during a State of Emergency, you will be considered a deserter, and if you happen to join the affiliation of an enemy who is currently at war with us, it shall be considered an act of treason, an issue last experienced when somebody spiked the hot coffee with laxatives, and your evil boss commanding you had to hide away in a evil cubicle for most of the day, and even then, it stunk the place out. Overall, if you do desert, you will be placed on a "Must Steal Stapler" list.

III. Noticeboard Time

I. These are the following rules which must be followed when engaging with other players away from the game, or with other alliances:

1. Attacks which have not been given prior notice, and have not been authorised will be frowned upon, and their fate shall be considered...in the boardroom.

2. Monolith henchmen must treaty everyone in the world as their equals, yet their bosses can just treat their underlings like common dirt, exactly as it was intended to be.

3. Monolith members who take it upon themselves to post in the Open World Forums in the Public Boards must remember to follow the legislation put forward upon that area.

4. Impersonating anyone for malicious purposes, or for a gain, are overall, frowned upon, yet if you do a good enough job, you might not get hit as much.

5. Spying on anyone outside the game is frowned upon, unless it is to steal secret plans for world domination, and on the authority of your oppressors.

IV. Your Beloved Oppressors

Section I: Regarding the Chairman

The Chairman is the acting figurehead of Monolith, and therefore has the final say in any matters which may/not crop up. He also owns a really long and sturdy golden cane, with which he uses to hit henchmen who do not do his bidding as desired.

Section 2: Regarding the Chief Executive Officer

The CEO is the highest appointed successor to the Chairman, and is therefore, the natural successor to the golden cane. The CEO, of course, has to make sure that anything the Chairman demands, even if it involves dumping an endless stream of toxic waste into a rival, takes place. The CEO can also add his seal of approval to any job application which pops up.

Section 3: Regarding the Director of Defence

The DoD is the head of a top secret organisation saving the lives of henchmen everywhere without recognition. However, he can't go on a one-man-rampage on his own without the explicit approval from the Chairman. He may also create any titles/organisations to work under him, so that he can have a nice sense of worth, while really only being a pawn in a game of Monopoly.

Section 4: Regarding the Director of Finance

The DoF controls the operational tools to mint the money within the corporation, and for any of the henchmen within. He can also create useless titles/organisation underneath him if he believes he needs to invest in more power to the presses.

Section 5: Regarding the Director of Foreign Affairs

The DoFA is the dominatrix of any business meetings which may occur. He may appoint any poster-boys for Monolith, so that he can further the infiltration of foreign investors, and steal their secret recipes, and to further relations. He may also create titles and...you already know what I'm about to say, so I'll stop myself there.

V. Friday is Hawaiian Shirt Day

I. Diversity is accepted here at Monolith, and therefore, we shall set no guidelines on a specific flag which must be flown at all times by all henchmen.

II. As we are a Red Team alliance, it is recommended that any henchmen who are flying our name with pride should change to this colour team to allow for a greater unity within the Colour Sphere of Death.

VI. Company Barbecue

I. Monolith shall only go to war after careful consideration from the Chairman, and only he can decide on if war is necessary.

VII. The Art of Camera Fitting

I. Please refrain from spying, we really don't want another lawsuit. Next time, be more sneaky when installing a web-cam within the Women's Shower Room!

VIII. Investing in Money Bags with Dollar Signs

I. Whilst Tech Raiding is a tricky subject, we understand that to allow for our henchmen to experience war first-hand, we allow them to raid, as long as they follow these distinct rules:

1. Henchmen may only raid one victim at a time, and it is advised to never stand a fight you can't finish.

2. Henchmen are strictly prohibited from raiding anyone on the Red or Black Team.

3. Henchmen may not raid someone being raided by a comrade.

4. Henchmen may not raid anybody who is flying a Alliance Affiliation which has 5 or more members contained within their ranks.

5. Monolith has no obligation to assist anyone who engages in raiding.

6. Henchmen who engage in tech raiding must send a peace offer immediately to their target after finishing the raid..

7. Should a henchman be attacked after sending the peace offer, contacting a member on the board of directors is recommended before getting your revenge.

8. Failure to comply with the above rules may result in the deliverance of a P45 to your inbox.

IX. Planning for the Future

For now, we shall be using our current system of 2 Supreme Leaders and three Directors, yet as soon as the optimum limit is reached, change will be required, therefore, as soon as the 70+ limit is hit, a restructuring process will be put in place. We shall be having a series of votes for who should be the overall controller of the business, the directors, and the board of consultants.

The Consultants will be decided by two ways. Firstly, four of the henchmen shall be democratically elected, while a fifth shall be chosen by the newly elected Chairman.

Afterwards, Ministers will be selected by the Consultants/Chairman.

After this, the Chairman/Consultants shall form a 'Scales' system. This, in other words, means that the Consultants can overrule the Chairman by putting forth a unanimous vote, yet the Chairman can veto any decision which is made by the Consultants unless it is a unified decision.

X. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

All future amendments need a majority approval to push it forwards.

Signed by the Board of Directors on Saturday, 11th July, 2009

Franz Ferdinand, Chairman

Brazilian "Braz" Rider, CEO

Edited by Franz Ferdinand
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ur charter needs something

ur alliance is not an alliance

  • This is in fact a legitimate (albeit small) alliance
  • The Charter has substance[abuse], and may be edited later to allow for free pork pies
  • You stole your charter from another alliance (ARES), you have no grounds to say ours is bad

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