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1TF Fanzine Issue #4

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1TF Fanzine Issue #4

Hello and welcome to 1TF's fourth instalment of our Fanzine, cybernations football (soccer) themed alliance's randomly issued alliance update.

New Government

A lot has happened over the past few months, in particular with changes in leadership, so we'll begin by announcing our new government.

Board of Directors



Managing Director - Marketing Director

Melek - AndrewS

Commercial Director - Economics Director - Firms Director

Vacant - Mahmah - Paulh83

Communications Director - Entertainment Director

Dongore - Tricky Trees

Chairman: Alliance Head

Managing Director: Internal Affairs

Marketing Director: External Affairs

Commercial Director: Trades

Economics Director: Tech & Finance

Firms Director: Military

Communications Director: Internal Communications

Entertainment Director: Quiz & Games Entertainment

Mayzie recently returned as Chairman of the alliance and he took little time to appoint Melek as the Managing Director as well as introducing two new positions, Communications Director and Entertainment Director.

When fighting in the Karma-Hegemony war, points were raised about internal communications, particularly in heightened times of activity such as war and so DonGore was appointed the Communications Director, in charge of all internal alliance communications.

To help with stadium entertainment, competitions and so on Tricky Trees was appointed Entertainment Director.

Alliance Numbers

Second order of business, stat whoring. Melek has been doing a fantastic job with recruitment and we're back up to 50 members and have achieved an alliance score of over 5.


Diplomacy Medals

I think it's fair to say that no alliance would be where they are was it not for their friends and allies and we're no exception. To thank these people, we've decided to issue them all their own official 1TF Soap On A Rope!


Now when you come to our stadium for a game and use our communial showers, you don't need to worry about dropping the soap or what happens when you bend over to pick it up. :D

Recipients of this much coveted award are as follows.

  • Nelchael of Nueva Vida
  • Maddox McLovin of Nueva Vida
  • SpaceGhost of Nueva Vida
  • Raasaa of Nueva Vida
  • Phil Collins of The Grand Lodge of Freemasons
  • Destructiox of Carpe Diem
  • Ilselu1 of Greenland Republic
  • Magicalbricks of Mostly Harmless Alliance
  • Hassman of We Are Perth Army
  • Juilus Cesar Dos of We Are Perth Army
  • BacTalan of Global Democratic Alliance
  • Poyplemonkeys of Nemesis
  • DeCaelo of Kronos
  • Jewelangel of Monos Archein
  • Auctor of Fark
  • King Goon II of Gremlins

Apologies if anyone feels they deserved to be on this list and isn't, maybe it's just the players at 1TF like to see you bend over. panic.gif


We've got nothing new to announce on the FA front, but just for reference purposes, here's a list of our current treaties.


Seize The Cup, Carpe Diem MDoAP

Greenland Republic MDoAP

We Are Perth Army MDoAP

Silence PIAT

NUHyperForce Protectorate

Edited by Mayzie
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I'll just keep editing the list as people speak up who I forgot. Also damn Gr<insert dodgy character here>mlins, ought to change their name so stupid people like myself can spell it. :D

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Yay, I got a medal :wub: ever since 1TF became NTO's protectorate oh-so long ago, I knew you guys were going to be awesome. You still are, and I'm glad that the strong feeling I have towards this fine alliance has been reciprocated in such a glorious fashion. Soap on a rope <3

However, i shall not be using it, I need to keep up my pungent stench for the good of Carpe Diem, after all :|

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It appears I've won a medal. Without asking for it too, unlike the former aid whore, turned attention whore that is King Goon II :awesome: I shall now shower with pride.

You've done well to keep the ship steady since your return Mayzie, with the new recruits I'm sure we're looking at pushing for a top half finish for 1TF this season.

Edited by Poyplemonkeys
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i'll get around to it if i can stop playing Monopoly... fffffffffff

I'll play you at Monopoly for the role of Chairman of 1TF. Then again, you'll probably leave me in charge and force me to pay rent on my own alliance. <_<

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