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Blue team, "Super Income Set"

Jelly Doughnut

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Okay, here we have a “super income” type set, situated in the blue trading sphere. This is a long term circle. This circle requires the following twelve specific resources. As a result, substitutions are not allowed.



Fish: Ikke1

Furs: Western Skier


Gold: Western Skier

Iron: Ikke1

Pigs: Jelly Doughnut

Silver: Jelly Doughnut




These resources will net the participant the following bonus resources:

Fast Food, Jewelery, Affluent Population, and Steel.

These bonus resources will net the participant:

Citizens: +26.93%

Happiness: +15.5

Income: +$10

Infra Cost/Upkeep: ~ -10%

Tech Cost: -5%

Land (Purchased): +24.2%

Land Cost: -14.5%

Natural Growth: +200%

Soldier Efficiency: +24.2%

Tank Upkeep: -5%

And others.

All nations will be asked (myself included) to switch to the blue trading sphere at the onset of this circle.

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