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Weekly State Address, The Federation of Rhine

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Weekly State Address, 1st Edition

The Federation of Rhine


The Federation of Rhine has been a week old. We have made many improvements to our recruiting efforts and established several embassies throughout Planet Bob. Our protector, Zenith, has agreed to let us have a economic shop on their forums where we can commence tech deals for the moment.

I missed to post the constitution of TFoR in our DoE. The constitution is below. If you wish to read go ahead.

Constitution of The Federation of Rhine



“I, however, place economy among the first and most important republican virtues, and public debt as the greatest of the dangers to be feared.” ~Thomas Jefferson

The Federation of Rhine believes in a massive economic growth is needed for any nation to survive in the world. We know that the world is harsh and to protect our massive amounts of gold, we need a strong military. Both are essential to a growing nation.


Part I: Immigration Policies

Section I: Citizenship

Anyone who wishes to join The Federation of Rhine must abide by several requirements before they can apply. They must not be in any other part of alliance during their stay in The Federation of Rhine. If you must leave The Federation of Rhine then you must post your leaving of the alliance publically for every person of the alliance to see it.

If you wish to join the federation then you must meet all the requirements in this application at all times:

*Register on The Federation of Rhine Forums

*Post an application

*Be approved as a TFoR Immigrant

*Be part of the White Sphere

*Have Custom 22 Flag

*Complete the Citizenship Exam with at least a 90%

*Agree to abide by all The Federation of Rhine laws

Section II: Resignation

If any party wishes to leave The Federation of Rhine they must post in an open area where all members and guests can see why they are leaving. Once they have posted they must remove The Federation of Rhine from their Alliance Affiliation or risk being attacked by The Federation of Rhine due to being a spy.


Part II: The Federation of Rhine Government

Section I: The King/Queen

The King/Queen is the ruler of The Federation of Rhine. He/she has the power to declare war with the consent of the Legislature. Just because the King/Queen has the most power in the federation does not mean they have absolute power. He/she is limited by the Legislature and Court System of the federation. He/she must obey by any and all laws made by the Legislature and obey by all rulings made by the Court System. If anything should happen to the King/Queen, the Legislature will appoint a temporary leader who will lead The Federation of Rhine until the King/Queen comes back. If the crown is not turned back to the King/Queen, he/she has the right to remove the leader from power and ban him/her from the federation forever.

Section II: Duties of the King/Queen

The King/Queen has the power to veto any bill passed by the Legislature. However, the bill can be made a law with a 65% Yah by the Legislature. Once the King/Queen has been over-ruled, he/she cannot do anything about it accept the bill as a law. The King/Queen has the ability to declare war on any alliance with a 65% Yah from the Legislature. If a global war shall come upon the federation, then the King/Queen can become a absolute monarch with a 65% Yah from the Legislature.

Section III: Abdication

In event that the King/Queen is forced to abdicate or freely abdicates, there must be several things done in exact order to not create a power struggle. First, the King/Queen must tell the Legislature and open up elections for a new King/Queen. Once that has been done and a week has passed, the general population of the federation is allowed to vote for the new King/Queen of The Federation of Rhine. Finally, after the new King/Queen has been voted in, the Legislature must swear in the new King/Queen with the following phrase.

I (insert name), will lead the people of The Federation of Rhine to a state of propsperity and growth. I will not abuse my powers in any way to further myself. I will obey all laws made by the Legislature. I will obey all rulings made by the Court System. I am the King/Queen of The Federation of Rhine.

Section IV: The Legislautre

The Legislature is the lawmaking body of The Federation of Rhine. It can hold a minimum of 5 members and a maximum of 13 members. At any time a global conflict arises, the Legislature has the ability to make the King/Queen the absolute monarch. The Legislature is also the elected part of the government. The citizens will vote in Legislature members every 2 months on the following dates:

*January 1st

*March 1st

*May 1st

*July 1st

*September 1st

*November 1st

If a global conflict arises during any of these elections, the elections will be postponed till the next election day. A Legislature member can have as many terms as long as he/she abides by all laws. If they are found not to have followed a law, the member can finish their term, but never run again.

Section V: Duties of the Legislature

The Legislature has two main duties. The first one is to make laws to be put up for voting. The second is to appoint Judges. The way they appoint judges is by announcing the need for judges. They then take all people who wish to be a judge and discuss about them. Finally, they appoint 4 judges and 1 head judge. The Legislature also has the power to over-rule a veto made by the King/Queen with a 65% Yah. This is to be done within 48 hours of the veto.

Section VI: The Court

The Court is the judicial system of The Federation of Rhine. There are 4 judges and 1 head judge. The head judge is just the mediator of the entire Court and has no special powers. The Court is to make sure all members, the Legislature, and the King/Queen are abiding by all laws and the constitution. They can put anyone n trial for any reason, but must have enough evidence to prove them guilty. If they don't have enough evidence, then the person that was sued by the federation is proved Not Guilty and given 72 hours of not being able to be tried again.

Section VII: Ministers of the Federation

The ministers of The Federation of Rhine are as follows:

*Minister of Internal Affairs

*Minister of Foreign Affairs

*Minister of Military

*Minister of Finance

*Minister of Education

*Minister of Propoganda

The ministers are to be voted in by the citizens of The Federation of Rhine. The ministers must then swear their alleigance to the federation. Once the ministers have sworn alleigance and have been voted in they can get to work in their respective departments. If at any time a minister leaves office, elections will be held for a new minister to take the old ministers place.

Section VIII: Duties of Minister of the Federation

Minister of Internal Affairs - is responsible for all recruitment to the federation. He/she is also responsible for the safe and kind environment of the federation. They have the ability to put anyone on trial for any attempt to break the safe and kind environment and for not abiding by the laws of the federation. The final responsibility is to search and destroy all spies and ghosts in the federation.

Minister of Foreign Affairs - is responsible for keeping the diplomatic relations of the federation high. He/she is also responsible for the education of diplomats. They have the ability to put anyone on trial for any attempt to spy, ghost, or ruin the federation's appearance as a whole. Enough evidence must be collected though.

Minister of Military - is responsible for all actions related to the military. The upkeep, deployment, and fighting is among those responsibilities. They have the ability to put anyone on trial for desertion. Evidence must be substantial however to prove they actually left combat.

Minister of Finance - is responsible for keeping every action related to the economy of the federation working. He/she has to try and get every graduate from the university a trade circle and technology deal once they have left the university. Finally, he/she is responsible for the creation of bank nations.

Minister of Education - is responsible for the education of immigrants and diplomats. He/she will work closely with the Minister of Internal Affairs and Minister of Foreign Affairs. He/she is suppose to recruit teachers from the federation to help educate all new immigrants and possible diplomats.

Minister of Propoganda - is responsible for the creation of all graphics, videos, and other visuals for the federation.


Part III: The Federation Army

Section I: Duty to Serve

Every citizen of the federation has the duty to serve in the army. The only citizens who may not serve are the bank nations as they will be funding the federation in a time of war.

Section II: Maintenance of the Army

The army shall consist of 5 Army Divisions broken down into nation strength ranges. Each will be lead by a General and a Colonel. Within these divisions there will be 1 Quick Response Unit consisting of 5 active members that can quickly attack any threat to the federation while the rest of the division is armed for war. If the entire division is combat ineffective, the General must announce it to the King/Queen. In order to be combat ineffective, a division must have 60% of it's parties in anarchy and the rest not fairing well. If in fact a division is combat ineffective, then they are immediatley to offer peace and go to peace mode. The division is no longer to fight till it becomes combat effective.

Section III: Command Structure

The Army of the federation will be headed by the Minister of Military and the King/Queen. They have the power to deploy any division in case of war or in fear of war. After the King/Queen, the Generals are in command. Each General is the leader of his/her division and is forced to keep weekly numbers of members and how the entire division is fairing. The Colonels of the Army are immediatley after the Generals. They are the officers of a division. The only way to become a Colonel is to be taught by a General that has gone through the Arnhem Academy. The Colonel is to keep weekly tabs on the soldiers and report back to the General. Finally come the soldiers. They fight and that's it. They have no power in the military other than fighting for the greater good of the federation.

Part V: Amendments to the Constitution

Any change to the constituion must have a 65% Yah in the Legislature and approval by the Court System. A change can be propose by anyone in the federation.


Karl Peters, King of The Federation of Rhine

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