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Lost 19k NS without doing anything.


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My nation was 5199.99 infra & 48k ns last night before update.

I did a donation & bought 20 infra to get to 5419.99 51k ns.

I collected taxes, bought a wonder.

My NS was still 51k, i was ranked 572.

Right now i am Nation Strength: 32,786.811

Nation Rank: Ranked #1,393 of 31,885 Nations (4.4%)

Could you tell me what is happening?

No, i didn't lose any trades or soldiers or tanks.


- The nation strength of technology has been reduced from a multiplyer of 20 to a multiplyer of 5.

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Same thing here, my friend told me that he just lost lots of NS, and I checked my nation out. It was 22k NS and when I refreshed the page it dropped to 16k. A member of our alliance lost 40k NS, 100k --> 60k. What's happening?

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