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Concern about Game Additions

Shadow Slayer

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First, a disclaimer. I'm an old, strong nation, so this isn't me complaining for personal benefit.

At the bottom of this post, I support these statements with evidence. There is a list of Updates to the game gathered from the Game Log, found here: http://www.cybernations.net/game_update_log.asp

I believe that the administration has been focusing too much on wonders and top-tier game additions. We have seen a flood of new wonders recently, which are limited to only the best of the best. While these minor updates and additions do serve to keep these top players interested, I know with other smaller players (the majority) it serves as a deterrent. They see players who have been around for a long time rewarded, with new opportunities for growth while they are left alone, with nothing new to do in order to grow and succeed. The game gets stale. In three years, maybe they can get to that level and finally enjoy these "new" game features.

The administration team needs to focus more on gameplay additions that favor everyone, not just the rich and powerful. In the past two years, there have been 12 updates in the favor of Large nations only, 1 update against the favor of the Large nations only, and 3 updates in the favor of both large and small nations (these numbers are my interpretation of who the below updates affect the most).

Spying and Naval updates can favor both Medium and Large nations, but are much too costly to favor the small ones. They cannot be described as useful for both, and therefore add to the "in favor" of Large nations.

Technology updates, because of the current economy of the game, will have a much more profound impact on Large and Medium nations, while smaller ones will hardly have an impact as they continue to sell off their tech.

Land updates, because of the amount / cost needed, and the cap being hard to reach, will affect Large nations the most. Smaller nations will receive very little benefit.

I believe that the game no longer needs more wonders. The Moon and Mars bases will only serve to continue this destabilization, and make the large nations that much better. Players who haven't been playing for years will not be affected at all. If we want the game to continue to grow, we need to make the game more appealing to newer nations. Instead of ignoring them while they attempt to grow, let's help.

It takes 28 months right now to purchase all the wonders, from the day you start. New nations won't reach that level for quite some time. If we keep adding onto that level, it will discourage them. We want them to realize over time that they want to continue to play this game. If they see that from day one, they can't succeed unless they devote that much time to the game, it might be disheartening. We shouldn't force that pace onto them, they should discover it on their own.

So, in conclusion... enough minor updates / wonder additions that do nothing for gameplay unless you're top 10%. Give us something BETTER. I'm not asking you to undo all the changes -- they serve a purpose, and a good one. Just remember that their all smaller, newer players out there, and the updates should be tailored and balanced to affect them too. So... how about an update that only affects nations that are small?

Two new spy operations Sabotage IRS Proficiency and Destroy Land will be added.

The spy operations of Incite Government Propaganda, Incite Religious Propaganda, Sabotage IRS Proficiency, and Change Threat Level will require the defender to collect taxes before changing the individual settings that these spy operations effect. Given these upgrades in damage for these spy operations the only spy operation that will be available to peace mode nations will be the Gather Intelligence spy operation.

Destroy Defending Tanks will destroy 10% of tanks rather than a flat limit of 50 and Destroy Technology, Destroy Infrastructure, and Destroy Money Reserves will have their caps increased.

Nations will start each new day at midnight update with 2 attacking and 2 defending spy slots plus 1 attacking spy slot per active war that can be used only against their war opponents. Nations will continue to only receive two defending spy operations against them per day.

These changes are currently being tested in Cyber Nations Tournament Edition if you would like to get an early sneak peak before these changes are rolled out to CN:Standard.


- Nations that are at war who self anarchy themselves who have not already received a defeat alert that day will now be deducted the equivalent of a ground battle defeat alert with damage modifiers based on their opponent with the highest technology level. Damage from self anarchy now includes the loss of spies, technology levels, infrastructure levels, and money in addition to the usual Anarchy penalty. These totals can be pre-determined before a deployment is issued by clicking the 'Confirm Deployment' button on the military deployment screen. If a nation is not at war then these damage additions to spies, technology, and infrastructure will not apply.

- Victorious defending nations will now receive additional loot money based on an attackers and the defenders abandoned equipment in ground battles. The additional loot is $2.00 per soldier killed and $50.00 per tank destroyed.


- The Federal Aid Commission wonder now allows two nations that have the wonder to participate in secret foreign aid. If both nations have a Federal Aid Commission wonder you may send foreign aid in secret by clicking the secret aid box in the aid offer screen. When you send foreign aid in secret it will cost the sending nation 200% of the items that are sent. The receiving nation will still get the actual amounts of the items that are sent as usual. Secret aid offers hide the receiver's information and aid details with ????? instead of displaying that information to the rest of the world. Successful 'Gather Intelligence' spy operations can expose the sender of a secret foreign aid agreement and who they send secret foreign aid to.


- 10 new events have been added to the game. You'll be happy to note that all 10 of these events have positive outcomes. Some of the new events also have new effects and give players the option to reduce purchase and upkeep costs for things like land, infrastructure, technology, soldiers, and tanks.

- Nations will no longer receive duplicate events.


- Based on discussions from this suggestion the war declaration and spy operation range has been narrowed from 50%-200% to 75%-133%.

- The 50K war declaration line has been removed from the game. The game will now use the strength range of 75%-133% as well as 250+/250- rankings based on strength for war declarations and spy operations. (DAC)Syzygy described this best here. This update does not affect Cyber Nations Tournament Edition.

- Based on this suggestion the tax collection and bill payment screens will now calculate your current bills and taxes for you even if you have already paid your bills that day.

- When looking at another nation's charts if their nation strength is within 10,000 points of your own then you will now see two line indicators on the 30 Day Nation Strength History chart. (One line for their nation and one line for yours.) If their nation strength is over 10,000 points of your own then you will only see one line because the chart does not render well if there is too much of a strength gap between the nations.


- Navy vessels that are vulnerable to nuclear attacks will now be reduced in number by 25% rather than 75%. If you have the Fallout Shelter System nuclear vulnerable navy vessels will be reduced by 18% rather than 25%.

- Corrected an issue where aircraft over the base limit was reduced in higher numbers after a nuclear attack.


- Two new improvements have been added to the game, the Naval Academy and the Naval Construction Yard. See the Information Index section on Improvements for more details.

- Successful Gather Intelligence spy operations now reveal how many ship purchases a nation has made on the day of the spy operation attack.


- The Fallout Shelter Wonder has been updated to allow 50% of defending soldiers to survive a nuclear attack. The wonder also now reduces aircraft and navy losses by 25%. See the Information Index section on Wonders for more information


- Navies have been added to the game. See the Information Index section on Navies for more information. Please report any bugs that you encounter with the new feature in the Bug Reports section of the Cyber Nations Forums.

- The Foreign Airforce Base wonder now allows nations to deploy +20 aircraft in air battles instead of just +10.


- As described on 5-21 technology now increases damages caused in battle by +.01% per level of technology. This update affects ground battles, cruise missile attacks, nuclear missile attacks, and aircraft bombing attacks.

- Four new wonders will be added to the game soon. See the entries in green text in the information index for more information.

- The Pentagon wonder now offers the 20% ground battle bonus to attacking and defending ground battles. The wonder only affected attacking ground battles before this update.


- As suggested here nations that are at war may spy against one another regardless of nation strength.

- Ground battles now consist of cautious, planned, and aggressive attack types. The "standard" attack option has been removed.


- Based on this suggestion environment effects to population and happiness have been updated. If you have a bad environment you will notice more of a decrease in population and happiness than before. The higher your population and happiness the more impact environment will have.

- Nuclear weapons now have a higher environment impact the more nukes that you own. Lead reduces the nuke environment penalty by 50%.

- Monarchy no longer provides an environment bonus, it now provides a land bonus. Republic provides a spy bonus instead of improvement & wonder upkeep reduction. Revolutionary Government now also provides improvement & wonder upkeep reduction.


- Based on this suggestion the ground battle screen no longer shows the defender's money reserves.


- Infrastructure upkeep costs have been adjusted slightly for nations over 12K infrastructure. Before the latest wonders that were added to the game on 3-6-2008 infrastructure upkeep costs were reduced slightly at 12K infrastructure in order to prevent stagnation. Now that the new wonders are in the game this reduction in infrastructure upkeep costs is no longer necessary and it has been removed from the game.


- The calculation for citizens has been updated. The old equation was not using the full land modifiers. The new equation uses the total land of a nation and has been simplified. Now every mile of land no matter how it is gained (purchases, modifiers, or natural growth) brings 0.2 citizens. The infrastructure portion of the citizen calculation has not been changed.

- Sugar and Wheat no longer provide a land bonus. These two resources already provide citizen count increases and with the land update above they would have become over powered with the land bonus left in place.


- Defending nations in ground battles and spy operations now use their fully modified land (purchases+modifiers+growth). Before this update defending nations were only using their purchased land amounts.

- A possible exploit with the way bills and taxes are structured in the game has been corrected. An income penalty of -2% for every day of unpaid bills after the 19th day has been added to the game. The income penalty is structured as follows:

20th day = -20% income

21st day = -22% income

22nd day = -24% income


40th day = -60% income

60th day = -100% income


- Furs now triple the natural growth of a nation as detailed in this thread.


- The new wonders as mentioned yesterday have been added to the game.

- Fine Jewelry has been updated. It now provides +3 happiness instead of +1.5 happiness.

- Affluent Population has been updated. It now provides +5% population instead of +2 population happiness.


- Four new wonders will be added to the game soon as indicated with Green Text in the Information Index. These wonders are designed for the very late game and include infrastructure level requirements of 11K and up.


- Nations that are in Anarchy may now conduct spy operations against other nations at twice the regular cost.


- The CIA wonder will now be hidden on the nation display page except for the user who owns it.


- The eight new wonders have been added to the game..


- The ground battle calculations have been updated. The technology effect is no longer capped and the impact of technology, infrastructure and land have all changed.

- When performing a ground battle against a nation that has been inactive for 13 days or more technology, land, and money will be destroyed rather than looted. This is to prevent last minute looting via war declarations on nations that are inactive just before they get deleted.

- The technology requirements for aircraft have increased as suggested in this thread.

- Nations involved in ground attacks performed between 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM game time will receive a 5% bonus to their technology bonus for attacking/defending at night. Ground attacks performed between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM will receive a 1% bonus to their soldier efficiency strength. (Not considering your opponent, if you have less than 1,000 technology it is better to attack during the day otherwise it is better to attack at night.)

- DEFCON now affects attacking and defending aircraft just as it does ground battles. See the DEFCON information index for details on the calculation.


- Global Radiation has been brought back into the game. The cap on global radiation is set at 5.0. There is no threshold for a happiness bonus for a low global radiation level. The formula for global radiation level has also been updated as detailed in the Information Index.

- The nation strength of technology has been reduced from a multiplier of 20 to a multiplier of 5. Nation strength will update when you view your nation. NS updates when performing a transaction as usual now.

- Cruise missiles and nuclear weapons now destroy technology levels.


- Updated the cap on max land purchases from 10k to 20k.

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I find that your evidence is tailored to support your argument and not the other way around as it should be.

If I add something new for large nations, small nations complain that it's not tailored specifically to them and their desires for the game.

If I add something new for small nations, large nations complain that it's not tailored specifically to them and their desires for the game.

If I don't add something new, people complain that I'm not adding anything to the game.

It's a damned if I do, damned if I don't sort of thing.

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