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Announcement from TIO and NpO

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The Russians Get Cold Too Accords

Treaty of Polargrad

Article 1: Peace

Both Alliances, The Imperial Order, and the New Polar Order agree to a friendship in peace. Both signatories agree not to take a direct or indirect action against each other. Both alliances agree peace shall always exist between them for the life of this treaty. Shall a nation violate this article, The nation will be responsible for the reparations and should immediately declare peace. Failure to do so will result in that member being ejected from the Alliance and be declared a Rogue State.

Article 2: Intelligence

Section A:

Shall one alliance, The Imperial Order or The New Polar Order hear of any hostile information regarding the other, They agree to pass it on to the other signatory as soon as possible.

Section B:

Both alliances agree not to conduct spy operations against the other signatory.

Article 3: Aid

Shall a Signatory of this treaty come under attack, The other signatory is deeply encouraged to provide Military and/or Financial Aid. However aid is not Mandatory, but still encouraged.

Article 4: Friendship

Both alliances agree to look only to friendship in the future. This means both alliances agree to remain Civil and/or Friendly on the forums and also during discussions.

Article 5: Cancellation

Shall a signatory think that the cancellation of this treaty is for the best, The other Signatory should let the other know 72 hours before a Cancellation of this treaty.


For the Imperial Order,

Skippy, Tsar

Raydin, Royal Guard of Interior

John Mathews, Royal Guard of Exterior

Scorponok, Executive Royal Guard

Rotavele, Commissar of FA

Jumperbeast13, Commissar of IA

RKubica32, Commissar of Defence

Lars GaFTU, Commissar of Economics

Razorade, Commissar of Membership

For the New Polar Order,

AlmightyGrub, Emperor

Zbaldwin, Regent

Arctic Penguin, Imperial Council Liaison

John Rocker, Imperial Advisor

Dajobo, Minister of Truth

Jphillips, Deputy Minister of Truth

Darth Actorbass, Minister of Peace

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A flightless bird said one thing to me and I have to agree, an alliance need be awesome to be protected to STA so I'm happy in have new awesome allies.


Hey check it out, our friends are now friends. We can all be friends together now!

o/ NpO

o/ TIO

Let's sing together! :P

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I see a lot of nice faces in TIO. I'm really glad to see this and looking forward to spending many cold nights huddled together for warmth and many terrifying days running from Misha the Polar Bear.

A flightless bird said one thing to me and I have to agree...
What? You're friends with an emu now? Edited by Penguin
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Awesome to see this!

\o NpO

\o TIO

n00b o/

What? You're friends with an emu now?

I'll give you hints: they are black and white, like fish, live in cold places, fear leopard seals and work as Imperial Liaison.


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