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The Dragon Coalition

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-Why join The Dragon Coalition?

While we do not provide open sums of cash like many other alliances do, we offer general economic growth. In the end, that $3 mil or $6 mil will not compare to the economic growth we can provide. Right now we are a part of the "Black Market" with the 57th Overlanders Allinace, and are hoping to become a part of the Vidian Enterprise, one of the most Prestigious Inter-alliance Tech Deal systems.

We're also a smaller alliance, and newer, so if you want to take part in something and mold it more, and become a founding driving member, then this is a great time for you to join. You'll get to know everyone and become an integral part of the alliance.


Our charter can be found here -- (Link) and also on our forums. (You must register first to view the forums)

-General Policies

We do not allow our members to do any sort of raid.

We value loyalty, honor and respect very highly. Failure is not an option, and the disloyal will be removed, or disallowed.

Our ENTIRE forums are to be kept PG, or at least PG-13.

All members are completely and entirely bound by our charter

-No IRC?

We do not use IRC, but instead prefer other methods of chatting, such as steam, or skype. This also follows our ideas to NOT be like the average cybernations alliance. We want to make ourselves different, and we don't follow the robot format other alliances tend to have. (Other than the Charter - and Academy).

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