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She Said She Was Mortified!!!

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Amidst all the acrid smoke, jag bombs, and go-go dancers (all of whom were legal), we had ourselves a little election! Our new government is as follows:

El Presidente: Lord Chris

Vice Presidente: Vorkosigan

Minister of Internal Affairs: Tepes

Minister of Recruitment: Blackrose

Minister of Defense: captainjohn

Minister of Foreign Affairs: taget

Please feel free to drop by our place for some good times and great tunes at http://sssw18.proboards.com/index.cgi

Our IRC can be found at #sssw18 on coldfront.

On a serious note, I am humbled by the opportunity to serve this great alliance and follow in the footsteps of leaders like Lord Jay, Brandon Simonson, and Jipps. I hope to do them proud and look forward to cordial relations with all of our allies and not-so-allies alike.

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Congrats to new govt and as your STA foreign affairs officer I'm proud to be affiliated with an awesome honorable alliance like SSSW18 who stands by their allies no matter the consequences...good luck and o/ SSSW18

Edi: left and S out... :o

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Now this is something I can get behind

Congrats to our friends at SSSW18! May you grow and prosper under Chris.

Chris, I know you will lead this alliance to do great things

On a side note it's sad to see Jipps step down

He was one of the best leader's that SSSW18 could have had. I know for a fact that Jay is looking down on you and smiling.

o7 Jipps

o7 SSSW18


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*Jipps takes a break from the non-stop golfing and love making (yes, sex does get better with age) to light a cigar and take a phone call.

After 16 months of straight service in the government of SSSW18, it is about time a man got to take a break. Let no tears be wasted, since this is definately not a departure.

That being said, these are some really good government folks and definately worthy of a little chit chat time as I'm sure you'll get to love them all as much as I do. SSSW18 is in good hands, Chris has much experience from leading SDI and I know he'll do good work here.

Now if you excuse me, I'm going to whistle at all the ladies at the bar, I nice pina colda ought to do wonders as well.

*Jipps fades off into the horizon, a list of pick-up lines in hand.

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I like you too zoomy. :D

Jipps is in exile on a fact-finding mission to the nubile planet in search of new go-go dancers.

I just hope I don't run this alliance into the ground the way I did with SDI. ;)

Bah, I still miss SDI. :(

Good luck Chris, although I highly doubt you will need it.

o/ SSSW18

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I'm glad to see you finally got rid of that Jipps guy. What a pain in the arse he was!

Hopefully you guys can get out of this trench he has sunk you all into. It's just sad where he's taken you all. Lord Chris, you have one helluva job to do to correct his wrongs! Cant believe this crappy little alliance allowed someone like Jipps to remain in office so long...

...JWConner is handed a note that SSSW18 is still an MADP partner

Oh, what I meant to say was,

:wub: SSSW18 :wub:

:wub: Jipps :wub:

edit: Forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS!

Edited by JWConner
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