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Guns of Glory Sign-Up

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To sign-up, please post the following information.

Nation Name:

Nation Ruler:

Nation Link:

Former Alliances:

Past/Current Wars:

How did you hear about us:

Then register on our offsite forums with your ruler name preferably: http://techload.com/gog/

Then post here: http://techload.com/gog/index.php?showtopic=738

Change your nation's alliance affiliation to "Guns of Glory Applicant", (and if you haven't already, switch to team_Aqua.gif Aqua team) and we will proceed from there.

And of course, the GoG Charter:

Official Charter of the Guns of Glory, Circa May 2007


We are the Guns of Glory.

Forums: http://gog.techload.com


Article I: Admission & Membership

Section 1: Admission

To be in GoG, you must apply in the appropriate threads on either our Cybernations forum thread or the one on these boards, with the following information filled out:

Nation Name:

Nation Ruler:

Nation Link:

Former Alliances:

Past/Current Wars:

How did you hear about us:

You will be placed in a buffer, at which point you must set your alliance affiliation to "Guns of Glory Applicant" before moving on up.

Section 2: Membership

I. The Secretary of Internal Affairs will grant, deny, and terminate applicancy and membership membership as he see fits for the better of the alliance.

II. Guns of Glory is an Aqua alliance. All new applicants MUST switch to Aqua, or you will be denied outright.

III. You cannot be in more than one alliance.

IV. Expulsion

1) Any nation that has broken this charter, and this alliances rules, will be eligible for expulsion. The leadership of GoG will decide on the course of action. In the case of a rogue transgression, possible military action against the rogue nation is possible. If it is only a minor offense, yet still deserving of expulsion, the nation will be left unharmed.

2) Any member that resigns from GoG must post so clearly on the GoG boards. This has caused some problems in the past. If you do not clearly state that you are leaving the Guns, you may be subject to persecution if we find you still had private access to our boards.

Article II: The GoG Government Structure

Section 1: Co-Presidents

The GoG will have 2 Co-Presidents, who will oversee GoG, making executive decisions, for the best interest of GoG. Both will have a single executive vote each.

Section 2: Secretary of War

GoG will have a Secretary of War, who is responsible for keeping the overall safety of GoG. They will appoint Commanders, Deputies, etc. as they see fit, to better keep GoG safe. The Secretary of War will also have a single executive vote.

Section 3: Secretary of Foreign Affairs

GoG will have a Secretary of Foreign Affairs, who will help form and enforce foreign policies with other alliances. They will consult with other members of the government, but ultimately be trusted to make the policies. Also has the responsibility of assigning ambassadors to other alliances and creating the appropriate embassies for foreign diplomats.

Section 4: Secretary of Internal Affairs

GoG will have (2) Secretary of Internal Affairs, who will be responsible for recruiting, guiding, and just helping whenever needed new nations. They will also implement internal alliance programs, and keep the presidents informed of any pertinent information.

Section 5: Appointed Positions

Any Secretary has full power to recommend any member of GoG to serve as a Deputy, and then will be put up for a vote by all government members.

Section 6: Order of Succession

In the event of all Co-Presidents having to leave office, for whatever reason, the order goes as follows:

1. Secretary of War

2. Secretary of Foreign Affairs

3. Secretaries of Internal Affairs

Article III: Elections

A: GoG elections will take on the last seven days of every month, the elected taking office the 1st of the following month.

B: Election process will go like this: 3 days to sign up/campaign, 2 days for pre-lims, and 2 days for final elections.

Article IV: War

Section 1: War!

A: All alliance-wide war declarations must be approved by the Secretary of War, and any of his deputies. In addition to that, Leadership must have have complete approval for the war to take place.

B: The GoG believes in letting each separate nation to control their military. That being said, GoG forbids any of its nations to war another nation who is in an alliance, as that does not promote good relations. If a GoG nation choses to attack a non-aligned nation, the attacking nation should not expect any help in means of aid or military assistance by any other member of the GoG. It would be up to the discretion of each individual member to assist the attacking nation. (Summary: Tech raiding is fine, use your head.)

C: If anyone in GoG is attacked, other members should be ready to counter. However, peace will try to be achieved through diplomacy first. If that does not succeed, then a defensive measure will be taken as a whole by GoG.

Section 2: Nuclear Weapons

A: GoG nations may have nukes, we believe in the build up of nukes for protection as a whole.

B: Any GoG nation wishing to launch a nuke, either defensively or offensively, will need permission of the Secretary of War, or one of the two Co-Presidents.

C: During wartime, nuclear weapons as a first-strike tool is not permitted. Changes to this policy must be unanimously approved of by all Secretaries and Leaders before taking effect.

Article V: Delay


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