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Question to satisfy my curosity


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dljuly3 posted a question below about his roomates and reading it, together with just seeing that a friend and I are apparently on the same network, prompts the following: How is it that we have never logged in to our accounts on the same network yet are on the "same network". The only remote explanation I can think of is that I was over at his house the other night for a lan party and we were hooked up through one router, although we never logged in to our accounts, purposely to keep them separate. Nor have I ever checked my nation on my new desktop (which would have a different MAC address than my laptop or my friend's laptop, etc. So I'm really asking for what ever clarification can be provided as to this perplexing situation, which is, personally, a tad annoying.

**edit**further, the only other mechanism I can think of is that because so many small networks use the same configuration, many groups of friends will end up using the same IPs over time or through haphazard mistake or by sharing the same tracking cookie (which I surmise must be the only way to have recognized this...) I'm just really confused. Again, just looking for some clarification as to why this happened; i know the rules and will abide by them, but they don't explain the cause.

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