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A Joint Hydra-SNAFU Announcement

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Ladies and gentlemen of the cyberverse,

I come before you today to inform you of the bond that has been rediscovered between our two alliances. As each alliance rolls forward, we do so by reflecting on our past and what our strengths are. It is impossible to forget the common past we share; we are each a product of the storm. SNAFU and Hydra share common roots in Tempest, and it is from there we became friends, no matter what direction we take. The following is the foundation of our friendship renewed in this new era of cybernations!


Preamble: Hydra and SNAFU have been friends for longer than either alliance has existed. One fine day in July, in an attempt to outline this love and camaraderie that now runs rampant between the two alliances, Joe and Dera decided to have a jousting match. Opting out for more natural weapons rather than the traditional blades, much love was made that day. This treaty is the product of the love and bizarre happenings that occur somewhere between SNAFU and Hydra.

Article 1: Love, peace and other stuff

We both agree to love each other and give each other hugs on a regular basis, but no fighting or !@#$%*ing allowed! The occasional love tap is permitted.

Article 2: Information

We agree to tell each other when somebody has been mean behind the other's back, who has caught whom in the back room and other relevant gossip.

Article 3:

Article 3 was sold to cover Joe's hospital bills from excessive love-making.

Article 4: Aid

Even though we both like to bully the other, both parties are encouraged to give diplomatic or economic aid, but only if we feel like it. We might also want to do tech deals, too.

Article 5:

Should the lovin' ever need to end, the leaving partner must warn the other that they are vacating the lovin' session 72 hours prior to stopping.

Closing: There is no more.

Signed for Hydra:

Ligolski, Triumvirate

The Incredible Hulk, Triumvirate

Firkked, Triumvirate

TsukasaTheRed, Minister of Internal Affairs

DarkEra97, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Jacapo Saladin, Minister of War

Signed for SNAFU:

Stetson of Axeland, Grand FUBAR

Drall of Phyrexia, the Power Behind the Throne

Madam CaVi of Spehan, Director of Illicit Affairs

Sniper620 of Snipetopia, Director of Damage Control

Hlaine Larkin of Reikland, Director of Making Nations Rich

Joe32320 of Lealand, Director of Alliance Relations

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I and SNAFU are very honoured to have signed this treaty with such a great alliance and a great bunch of friends; we’ve known alot of them from Tempest and the rest of them have proved just as nice and welcoming to us. I look forward to a long friendship between our alliances :D

:wub: Hydra

:wub: Dera

:wub: Vaguely Sexual Treaties :P

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I have to say, I considered asking if we could just roll the PIAT between SNAFU and Tempest over when Hydra was formed, but decided that showing the world a renewal of our friendship would be so much more meaningful...little did I suspect that the "flavor" of the agreement wouldn't change. LOL

I'm not sure who did the mixing and matching of our flags, and at first I was somewhat confused, but that is absolutely spectacular!

Thank you, it conveys even more than the intentions of the treaty how I feel about our friends in Hydra.

Hail Hydra!


Hail emerging from the Storm stronger than ever! (Great reference DEra, hope you don't mind my stealing it.)

Hail purple for being such a wonderful home!

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Oops, I totally forgot to give Seipher Caim of Valhalla credit for the graphic. Sorry Seiph! While I'm at it I might as well mention that he did the Purple Unity sigs you may or may not have noticed around these parts :)

As for the flavor, it is an accurate representation of the relations that exist between our alliances, Stets :)


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