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MHA, RE, GATO... What the...?!?


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* I'm finally catching up with all of this stuff. Since I am starting to become more active plenty of people sending me logs, screen shots, links, tanks shooting cows, and just about everything I can think of outside of the all mighty kitchen sink. I've also read in between the line when I talk to people on IRC.

* RE will always look like the bad guy for one simple fact, because they are the largest alliance and they are twice the size of the second largest alliance. Anyone joining in on RE's side will like GATO will look just as bad because people think it is they are being ganged up.

* Why do most people think their actions are right when they are winning, yet when they are losing it is always unfair?

* When I was leading Harmful, I can honestly tell you that is the one of the most difficult thing to lead an alliance that size because you are in a "catch 22" and you're damned if you do something and damned if you don't. I don't envy Tiberius12's current position because I've been there for several rounds (After all Harmful isn't great for nothing you know ;) ).

* In hind sight, everyone can be a critic because win or lose you always thing you should have done something different.

* Truth is, this is just a war game. Like I've said in the past, war is never fair because everything is fair game. One can only hope the people are mature enough to avoid treating one's opponent with disrespect. Unfortunately there are people who have been disrespected already in in-game PMs. I hope leadership in the respective alliances will accept responsibilities for their members.

* Finally, everyone should take their two pointer fingers, put them together, draw an arc in the air and tell themselves to "Build a bridge and get over it!" cuz if "You can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!"

o/ Harmful Leadership (Wolf, Opflex, Max)

o/ ME just cause I can

o/ Harmful


o/ Crap this was too long :P

Always Proud and Forever Harmful,


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