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Nation Name: Kalim

Ruler Name: Jahannum

Nation Link: I don't know because I can't sign in...

I forgot my password. I had a temporary password sent to my e-mail account. I then found out that I no longer have access to my e-mail account (it was a fairly old account). Now, I don't know what my temp password is, and I therefore cannot log in.

Can someone PLEASE guide me as to what I need to do.

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Can't you regain your access to the old email and then try again?

It's a University e-mail server, and I do not attend that University anymore. I highly doubt I'll be able to get it active again. I just called them, and they are sending a request, but they said I most likely won't be able to restore it.

Is there any way the admin can send me a temp password to my new e-mail or change the e-mail address I have registered with CN.

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