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Chronicle of the Karma War

Aya Reiko

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Why is NSO black and red?

That was Bloody Nicholas's decision. I went with the flow.

Missing Zenith, Tool and Legion that I notice so far

I believe all three had already surrendered before the end of the day of April 29th.

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I think it's missing Echelon-GOD, along with GDA-GOD.

It's missing Us/Echelon, but I think GDA was out by the 29th of April.

Edit: They surrendered on the 29th. My memory hasn't completely failed me yet.

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Missing NADC vs CSN.

Although I'm not actually sure when NADC surrendered because it's not on the Wiki, so it could be that they were out on the 29th. I'm pretty sure they weren't though, because I remember that after GDA surrendered we were still engaged for a day or two at least.

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