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Grammar Error in "Too few soldiers" Statement


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Rather than create a new topic for future grammatical errors Im going to just post them here -

In information index

Steel - Reduces infrastructure cost -2%. Lowers all navy vessel purchase cost -15%. Requires Coal and Iron.

cost should be plural

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Number of Cruise Missiles 50

Daily Cruise Missiles Cost (Per 1 Unit) $200.00

From pay bills screen:

extra space between "of Cruise" (this is common throughout the entire screen, for all things involving the "Number of", it seems that there is an extra space in the string value for "Number of " that could be removed)

Should also say "Daily Cruise Missile Cost" instead of "missiles" and "Cruise Missile Bill" instead of "Cruise Missiles Bill"

Daily Wonders Bill $5,000.00

Should be made "Wonder" to be consistent with other instances on same page of "Improvement" etc

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