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A Silence treaty announcement

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Following the recent merger of OTF and LEN to form Silence we naturally have had a period of moving over to one forum, AA etc. We've also gone through our treaties with all our respective allies and we have some changes to announce.

Firstly though, the treaties that have not changed and as such have been carried over to Silence.



Amber Accords



Carpe Diem (CD)

Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations (CSN)


1 Touch Football (1TF)


United Commonwealth of Nations (UCN)


We also have this treaty that has changed



The Even More Insane Shared Insanity Pact


This treaty is not only signed to seek mutual defense, but rather to amplify a stronger connection with one another so that both signatories may reach a stronger future togeather.

Article I: Sovereignty

Both signatories shall retain their own individual sovereignties and will not take any steps, directly or indirectly, that would threaten the sovereignty of the other signatory at any point in time.

Article II: Non-Aggression

In the spirit of mutual cooperation and alignment, both signatories pledge to refrain from launching any sort of attacks upon the other, be it directly or indirectly. Moreover both signatories will not condone any such acts of aggression, which include (but are not limited to) naval blockades, spying operations, ground attacks, etc. In the event a nation of either signatory attacks a nation of the other, both signatories pledge that diplomacy will be the end-be-all route.

Article III: Mutual Defense

It is the main intention of this treaty to create a mutual militaristic cooperation in order to help maintain the sovereignty of each signatory. As such, any act of war declared upon a signatory is hereby considered an act of war on the other signatory.

Article IV: Chaining Clause

The undersigned acknowledge that Article III will be rendered optional if one or more is brought to war by way of outside treaty.

Article V: Civility

Both signatories and its respective members shall remain civil to the other in any public area and any disagreements shall be solved through private channels.

Article VI: Communication

Both signatories shall remain in constant communication, either through forums or other forms of communication.

Article VII: Espionage

Neither signatory shall engage in any acts of espionage or conduct any acts malicious in nature toward the other signatory, including but not limited to condoning acts of aggression upon the other and aiding an enemy. If any information is found that concerns either signatory, the other shall provide said information immediately and without delays. If either signatory is found in violation of either condition, it is considered grounds for immediate termination.

Article VIII: Termination

If either signatory wishes to withdraw from this treaty for any reason, they must inform the other forty-eight hours in advance where the treaty shall still remain active until the closure of aforementioned period. Article II will remain active for seventy-two hours after withdrawal.

Signed for Silence

Trium: Bagpuss, Shakyr

Justice: Cilldara

Signed for the Random Insanity Alliance

Agent Lemon - Triumvir

Shadow, Triumvir of Random Insanity, The Ultimate Lifeform, Mystic Dragon Emperor of the Cheeselands, Puppetmaster of Chaos

Thunder Strike, Head of Recruitment and hater of cats.

crazyisraelie, Head of Foreign Affairs and First $@

invincible13matt, Head of Internal Affairs, triskaidekaphiliac, and deathless warrior of the wasteland

cctmsp13 - Head of Economics

\o/ Silence

\o/ RIA

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Official Statement from the Random Insanity Alliance

The RIA-Silence relationship began when we were at war with LEN. After our war we began a friendship that lasted until they merged with OTF.

The RIA government thought not only to keep our friendship and original pact with the merged alliance, but to upgrade it as well.

The RIA is proud to upgrade this treaty and we look forward to our continuted frienship with former LEN and OTF alliances.

Viva La RIA!

Viva La Silence!

Viva la RIvoultion!

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Hey, I know both of these people in this announcement, and they both are friends. Sort of scary really.

Congrats to our allies Silence and RIA. Nice to see friendships expanding into something more.

Why yes, Bagpuss is rather scary but i dont see the relevance :P

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